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Cavitron 300 Series from Dentsply Sirona

Cavitron 30K Ultrasonic Insert Selection

The Cavitron family of inserts offers a broad selection of ultrasonic scaling inserts to fit the needs of every practice—and patient. Just like with hand scaling, inserts are designed for removing different levels of deposit. Most clinicians prefer more than one type of insert. Selecting and using the proper inserts can help improve patient comfort and efficiency of your practice.


Why choose Cavitron 300 Series?

Less heat and less water for better patient comfort*

Quieter than other ultrasonic scaling systems*

Effortless rotation with the Cavitron Steri-Mate 360 handpiece for a comfortable user experience

Our most efficient system ever: Less heat and less water for better patient comfort

The digital power control of the Cavitron 300 Series is more efficient because it utilizes both the positive and negative energy in the electronic circuit. This decreases the amount of energy running through the unit, creating less heat.

In traditional analog Cavitron Systems, only the positive energy is being used to drive the handpiece. The unused negative energy in the unit builds up heat in the handpiece. Clinicians may compensate for the heat by increasing the water to cool the handpiece. This practice creates additional water for the patient, creating an unpleasant experience.

Why removing biofilm matters

Have you seen the new data on ultrasonic scaling with the Cavitron 300 Series? It may change the way you think about scaling - and helps you further enhance your patient care.

Digital Controls

The Cavitron 300 Series has the latest in user-friendly controls, providing you an improved scaling experience. The digital touch screen technology provides an easy-to-use interface. The wireless Cavitron Tap-On Technology foot pedal is designed to reduce leg and ankle discomfort.


“Capacitive Touch” similar to widely used touch screen cell phones.

There is no longer a turbo button on the unit. Boost is activated by depressing the foot pedal into the second position. This will increase power by at least 25% not to exceed 100%. (Example – If the power level is set to 30, boost will increase the power to 55. If the power level is set to 90, boost will increase the power to 100.)    

No. It will remain at the power level which it is set. Boost will provide 25% more power.

Yes – The user must unlock the screen to enable scaling.

Press and hold each button for 2 seconds.

Touch the screen or tap the foot pedal.


Yes.  Please refer to your Directions for Use for a complete list of compatible products.  

3.7 in. H x 6.9 in. W x 10.7 in. D


Foot pedal charging.


No – The only table top system Steri-Mate 360 is compatible with is the Cavitron 300 Series and the featherweight handpiece cable.

  • Cavitron 300 Series Handpiece cable – 39g
  • Cavitron Plus/Jet Plus Handpiece cable – 54g

The foot pedal is shipped in the OFF mode. To turn the foot pedal ON, press and hold the red power button on the bottom of the foot pedal for 2-3 seconds. If the Foot Pedal is plugged into the unit but the Foot Pedal is not turned ON, the Foot Pedal will NOT charge. If the Foot Pedal is OFF but plugged into the unit, the Foot Pedal will operate the unit but will NOT charge. The Foot Pedal must be ON to charge.    

No – The foot pedal has updated wireless technology that is specific to the Cavitron 300 Series unit. 

Up to 4 hours.

Approximately 1 month (dependent on usage).


If you press the sync icon in the settings menu is pressed, the Foot Pedal will unlink from the unit. The user will have to resync the Foot Pedal to the unit. To resync the Foot Pedal, press the sync icon in the settings menu. At the same time, press and hold the sync button on the bottom of the Foot Pedal for at least 3-4 seconds. You will hear a sound from the unit that will indicate a successful sync. 

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* Compared to other Cavitron models