Saving the natural tooth just got easier

Extended lengths: 45mm, 70mm & 120mm

Designed specifically for the veterinary patient, this file allows you to quickly and effortlessly instrument the canal to working length. One key advantage is the ability to access through the fracture site with longer file length. This means retaining more tooth structure. Additional longer lengths coming soon—bear, lion, tiger.

Rectangular cross-section & small tapers

A rectangular cross-section gives a stable core for reduced separation rate; while small tapers promote easier access and smooth progression in the canal for a comfortable, successful treatment.

Reciprocating action

Reciprocating motion of the file allows for safer canal preparation than rotary instruments.** Saves time and money compared to manual processes as procedures can be performed more quickly.* 

Heat-treated NiTi technology

Made with special heat-treated NiTi wire, these files provide increased flexibility and better conformity to the canal anatomy.*

Endodontic shaping and scouting procedure

* Internal results, tested in 3D printed and extracted teeth; compared to manual files.

** Sources: Pedullà, E., Grande, N. M., Plotino, G., Gambarini, G., & Rapisarda, E. (2013). Influence of continuous or reciprocating motion on cyclic fatigue resistance of 4 different nickel-titanium rotary instruments. Journal of Endodontics, 39(2), 258-261.Kiefner, P., Ban, M., & De-Deus, G. (2014). Is the reciprocating movement per se able to improve the cyclic fatigue resistance of instruments?. International endodontic journal, 47(5), 430-436.

*** Backed by certified diplomates of the veterinary college.


"The X-Smart IQ Motor and veterinary NiTi files are game changers in veterinary dentistry. Thanks to Dentsply Sirona's embracing veterinary dentistry more animal's teeth will be be saved."

Dr. Jan Bellows, DVM, Dipl. AVDC, AVBP

"The veterinary length NiTi reciprocating files have arrived - tomorrow is today! These files glide effortlessly to working length, shaping and debriding exceptionally well. This file allows you to quickly and effortlessly instrument the pulp chamber and root canal through the fracture site, no additional access needed."

Dr. Cedric Tutt, BVSc, BVSc (Hons), MMedVet (Med), Diplomate (EVDC)

Dr.Bellows performs a root canal on a rescued Lion.
Rotary files for large animals such as dolphins and horses will be available soon.


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