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Treating dental pulp and saving natural teeth is an important job, but one that also sparks a lot of patient anxiety and, in some cases, pain. To promote patient comfort and fight fear associated with root canals and other endodontic work, choose endodontic products with proven, predictable results.


About Endodontic Products

Endodontic products can include anything from access instruments, obturation materials, glide path and shaping tools, and more. These tools are designed specifically to support endodontic work and cater to the specific needs of each clinician and each patient. Rotary files, round tipped irrigation needles, and pre-sterilized hedstrom files work in tandem amongst several other tools to achieve proven results. When it comes to endodontic products, choosing the best suited tool for any job can reduce the chances of pain, swelling, discoloration, and other possible complications, which makes your job easier and your patients happier.


What To Consider

You can more easily avoid possible complications by choosing the correct endodontic products in either surgical or non-surgical capacities. Endodontics in particular can be anxiety-inducing for patients, but when you buy endodontic products that are effective and reliable every time, you can mitigate risk and improve the likelihood of patient satisfaction. Half of the battle of patient anxiety is the fear of the unknown, so when you buy endodontic products that have predictable outcomes, you can better prepare your patients with what to expect. You also want to ensure that your endodontic products are doing most of the heavy-lifting so you can focus your attention on client care and technique.


The Dentsply Sirona Difference

It is our mission to partner with you to transform oral health globally, which is why we only supply the best products - which are tried and tested for proven results. Highly specialized endodontic products from Dentsply Sirona provide our clinicians with confidence and peace-of-mind that the products will work better and last longer. Whether you’re focused on size, shape, color, material, or brand, we offer a wide range of products with unmatched variety to account for each unique situation of our clients and patients.