About the Indirect Restorative Course Series


Digital technology is rapidly revolutionizing the field of restorative dentistry. This self-paced online course series will focus on how digital dentistry can enhance indirect restorative treatment outcomes. We will cover the fundamentals of CAD/CAM in dentistry, digital and analog impression techniques in an Indirect Workflow atmosphere, the science behind material selection, how to incorporate new technology into your practice, and the future for new clinical applications. Tooth preparation, tooth preservation, and tissue management will also be discussed. This course series was developed with the learner in mind and was designed to encourage interaction and engagement, regardless of the learning modality.

Key Takeaways

  • Best practices for integrating digital technologies to support the indirect restorative workflow
  • Selection of the optimal material for various types of restorations
  • Soft tissue management and impression techniques
  • Digital design techniques
  • The proper techniques for optimal scan imaging
  • Handling tooth build-ups


Learn Based on Skillset

Through these comprehensive CE courses, clinicians will learn cutting-edge indirect restorative techniques, procedures, and techniques from leading experts in the field. We invite those newer to indirect restorative dentistry to start from the beginning and those with more experience to jump further down the learning journey.


These beginner-level courses are ideal for those new to the field or looking to refresh their foundational knowledge. The two courses are intended to introduce participants to how digital technology and workflow can provide high-quality care while repairing and restoring teeth and how to present a diagnosis and treatment plan to maximize patient acceptance. By the end of the Foundational courses, you will have a concrete understanding of the basics of indirect restoratives, allowing you to move forward to our intermediate-level course series, the Procedure-Based courses.


These intermediate-level courses are ideal for clinicians with an established understanding of indirect restoration or those looking to refine their skills. The eight courses are intended to provide participants with a deeper understanding of different workflows, analog and digital impressions, and tooth preparation based on clinical situations and materials. At the end of the Procedure-Based courses, you are encouraged to move forward to our advanced-level course series, the Mastery capstone course.


This advanced-level course will provide learners with the opportunity to apply the indirect restorative guidelines covered in this course series via a case-based approach. By the end of this mastery course, the learner will be able to apply these evidence-based techniques and guidelines into their everyday practice for better clinical outcomes.

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