Why Choose SureSmile® Aligners?

High Performance Clear Aligners

Essix material for effective tooth movement and many clinical options - even for complicated cases.

Outstanding Treatment Planning

Twenty years of experience in digital orthodontic planning ensures outstanding initial setups and minimal refinements.

Open Software and Dependable Workflow

After uploading patient records into the open software, you can specify your detailed preferences or simply rely on our Digital Lab to ensure a customized plan.

A Better Treatment Experience for Patients

SureSmile® Clear Aligners can help provide your patients the smile they want. And now with SureSmile® VPro™, SureSmile™ Whitening Kit, and SureSmile® Retainer, you can offer your patients more reasons to choose SureSmile® Clear Aligners.

Clinical Excellence

SureSmile® Aligners are made by experts using the latest technology and proven materials. Unique features allow for personalization for even the most challenging cases. Precise processing of the data and thorough quality control ensure outstanding fit, excellent durability, and aligners so transparent they’re hard to detect.

You determine the treatment goal. We provide the plan.

With the user-friendly SureSmile® Aligner Treatment Planning software, it’s simple to upload digital impressions, X-rays, and patient photos from almost any source. You can rely on our Digital Lab Specialists to do the rest and send you an optimized treatment plan. Or, if you prefer, you can prescribe your own preferences. Our open platform fully integrates with all Dentsply Sirona scanners as well as other commonly used scanners.

When the Digital Lab has created the initial treatment plan, you’ll receive it for your review and approval. The initial setup is organized and easy. The SureSmile® Aligner software is intuitive and offers a thorough review of each patient’s case with a wide range of different tools. Our software is browser based, so you can review your treatment plans whether you’re at your practice, at home, or traveling.

Treatment Planning Made Easy


Treatment planning with SureSmile has never been so easy with a suite of updates to enhance the Aligner experience. SureSmile Aligner Software is simple and easy to use featuring an intuitive user interface, integrated help features, and treatment planning tools to support efficient treatment planning and approval with better predictability*. View this video to learn more. 

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What’s New with SureSmile®?

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