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SureSmile® is the Clear Aligner experience that will make you and your patients smile. SureSmile® delivers patient- inspired solutions and a clinically differentiated outcome. 


Why become a SureSmile® Provider?

Predictable Results

No refinements were required on 75% of cases, helping to reduce chair time and deliver the results you and your patients expect1

Expert practice support

As a SureSmile® provider you will receive tailored practice support through SureSmileU, our online training platform to onboard you and your staff. You will also Receive in-office support through our team of experts – field sales, digital lab technicians, clinical implementation specialist and customer care associates

Intuitive Treatment Planning Software

Our easy-to-use SureSmile® Aligner software is cloud-based.

Compatible with most intraoral scanners

You can use the equipment you already own instead of needing to purchase new equipment .

SureSmile® Complete Case

Flat rate pricing on clear aligner treatment with unlimited refinements for up to 3 years, now including SureSmile® VPro™ and SureSmile™ Whitening.

SureSmile® VPro™

The high-frequency vibration device that patients can use at home to help aligners fit properly. SureSmile® VPro™ may reduce discomfort and may reduce treatment time when used five minutes a day with their aligners.2-4  

SureSmile® Retainers

Available for all your patients, designed to prevent teeth relapse and protect patients’ investment in their smile5

A clear aligner experience that will make you and your patients smile

Want to Learn More?

Have questions or need more information about becoming a SureSmile® Clear Aligner provider? Our team is here to help! We are passionate about providing exceptional support to our providers and are eager to assist you in any way we can. Click on the like to complete the form and a team member will be in touch.

  1. Based on internal analysis in excess of 100,000 global SureSmile® Aligner cases and conducted between Jan 2019 – Dec 2021. Data on file. 
  2. Alansari S, et al., The effects of brief daily vibration on clear aligner orthodontic treatment, J World Fed Ortho 2018.
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