Let smiles do the talking

Imagine showing your patients their new smiles before they start treatment. Minutes after uploading an intraoral scan from the Primescan intraoral scanner, the SureSmile™ Simulator creates a 3D visualization of your patients’ potential new smile following SureSmile® clear aligner treatment¹, ². What better way to communicate to patients the value of investing in their improved aesthetics and oral health?


Why choose SureSmile Simulator

Patient Acceptance

A 3D-visualization is an excellent way for patients to see the potential value of their investment. Educate patients about their estimated treatment duration and potential results. Save and send images to your patients so they can show family and friends.

Workflow Efficiency

Create an image of your patient's smile and initiate their SureSmile Aligner order, all while they're still in the chair. Accessing the SureSmile Simulator from DS Core facilitates a seamless start to your SureSmile Aligner workflow.


Four simple steps to create a simulation and initiate an order

Get started with SureSmile® today

Partner with the clear aligner brand from Dentsply Sirona – a global leader in oral healthcare for more than 100 years – and help spread the contagious power of smiling.

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  1. DS Core paid subscription required
  2. Primescan usage is required