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Seamless workflows and easy collaboration

DS Core is a cloud-based solution that provides you with up to 15 TB of cloud storage, together with access to the different DS Core services. A solution that supports regulatory compliant collaboration, from which dentists can share patient case files with the click of a button or access them from multiple locations.

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DS Core for Dentists


Why Dentists use DS Core

Modern Cloud Storage

DS Core stores your patient files in one location to enable efficient workflows in your practice. Your patients’ files are always available, wherever you are and whenever you need them.

Patient communication canvas

Utilizing the user-friendly communication canvas, you can view, arrange, and annotate all compatible image formats together, including 2D X-ray, 3D X-ray, and full-color 3D intraoral scans, facilitating patient communication, comprehension, and case acceptance.

Seamless file-sharing

DS Core supports GDPR/HIPAA compliant file-sharing all from one platform, you can seamlessly and securely collaborate with colleagues and external partners or share images with annotations directly with patients for their review at home. Say goodbye to text messages, emails, USB sticks or CDs.

Unified ordering solution

DS Core’s integrated ordering solution connects your practice with you lab, making it easy to place and manage your orders allowing a simple and supportive communication and collaboration.

How Dentists Collaborate with DS Core

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1. DS Core currently supports automatic upload for devices connected to Sidexis 4.3.1, CEREC SW 5.2.3 and Connect SW 5.2.3.

DS Core is not a medical device software. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Use only for information, education or sharing purposes.