DS Core - A new era of dentist-lab collaboration

The Connect Case Center has been introduced in 2010 and served dentists and labs well, for transferring intra-oral scans and initiate lab orders. 

With DS Core, we have introduced a new cloud-based platform and technology with enhanced collaboration capabilities. Connected with our DS X-ray software, Sidexis® 4, you can have the entire patient X-ray history along with your IO scans in one place.

This future-proof solution is detached from local systems and licenses and delivers new features without requiring updates.

The Connect Case Center will be shut down in the foreseeable future, so now is the time to make the move to DS Core.

Benefits of switching from Connect Case Center to DS Core

For the Dental Practice

For the Dental Lab

DS Core Workflow vs. Connect Case Center Workflow

Compare the workflows below.

Dental Practice submits case to lab

DS Core Workflow (Steps 1-4)

New Process

Connect Care Case Workflow (Steps 5-8)

Old Process (being discontinued)

Dental Lab Receives and Fulfills Case

DS Core Workflow (Steps 5-8)

New Process

Connect Care Case Workflow (Steps 5-8)

Old Process (being discontinued)

Switching to DS Core is easy


No. The features needed to place and manage orders are available on all DS Core accounts, including its free of charge option.

DS Core is a cloud platform that powers, connects and works with DS digital solutions enabling more efficient and streamlined workflows. DS Core offers multiple features to centralize collaboration with your lab/dentist, document and store your cases' files, enhance patient communication, expand your service offering and more.
The main difference between using DS Core and the Connect Case Center is that with DS Core workflows are more flexible and you can expand the features available and enhance more parts of your daily work.

While there isn't a set date applicable to all markets, we anticipate the discontinuation process to commence in your region at some point during 2025.

If you are using Windows 7 or earlier, Connect Case Center is no longer available. Due to Microsoft's discontinuation of support and security updates for these operating systems, we strongly recommend transitioning to DS Core as the preferred solution.

First you need to sign up for DS Core. This process is of utmost simplicity, and you can get it done on dscore.com within minutes.
As a dentist, you will connect your scanning software (Connect or CEREC SW) to your DS Core account. You will find the instructions needed on DS Core during your onboarding. The last step will be to search for your lab in the directory and proceed to add/invite them to receive cases via DS Core.  
If you represent a lab, once you sign up you will be available for dentists to find you in the directory and send cases to you. Lastly, you can connect your inLab software or 3Shape Dental System for a more streamlined transfer of the cases. Additionally, you can always download cases in various formats to use with your CAD/CAM solution of choice.

For the time being, transferring all your cases to DS Core can only be done manually. For this you will have to upload all your files from your local storage into each patient's media library.
Please note that you don't have to do this to start using DS Core to send orders to your lab.

You can connect multiple DS IO Scanners in your practice to a single DS Core practice account.

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