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Connected dental platforms are rapidly growing in popularity. Digital solutions are allowing dental practices to deliver a better, more efficient service with higher standards of patient care. DS Core is a new platform that combines products, services, and technology to help your dental practice evolve and develop. So, you can spend more time collaborating with partners and building relationships with patients.

DS Core is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that offers up to 15 TB of cloud storage, which allows you to easily collaborate on up-to-date case files while keeping them secure and GDPR/HIPAA- compliant. It also provides a gateway to the Dentsply Sirona digital universe, connecting your intraoral scanner and 3D printer together and providing a fully digital dental practice.

How are dental platforms helping to bring dental practices into the digital world?


Dental platforms such as DS Core are helping to digitally transform dental practices by increasing dentists’ connectivity, efficiency, care, and support. This allows dental practices to offer various treatments and services while simultaneously saving time and costs. Making the change from analogue to digital dentistry is simple with DS Core which integrates seamlessly with existing workflows and unifies pieces of hardware into one easy-to-use platform.



A digital gateway

DS Core is a digital gateway allowing you to seamlessly connect equipment across your dental practice, easily share files with partners, and access other Dentsply Sirona solutions. Digitally integrating your dental practice makes it easier to grow and expand. DS Core automatically connects to Dentsply Sirona hardware and integrates with existing and new hardware to streamline your workflows.

Collaborate with peers and labs

You can easily collaborate by sharing patient files with expert peers, specialists, and labs with one click of a button. External partners can quickly view, add, download, and comment on files using a free DS Core account. However, the dental practice still retains complete control over who has access to patient files and for how long. This enhanced connectivity ensures dentists always provide quality treatment and the best clinical outcomes for their patients.

Remote access to patient records

DS Core also gives you easy access to patient files throughout their entire journey. These files can be accessed through a web browser across multiple devices, inside or outside the dental practice. This remote access to all patient records allows for faster and more efficient workflows and reduces the time spent searching through physical files.


Expand service offerings

One of the biggest benefits of a cloud-based dental platform like DS Core is that it is easy to expand service offerings as your practice grows and new technologies emerge. You can easily purchase new integrated equipment as your dental practice expands. For example, you might expand your treatment offering to include 3D printing.

DS Core also allows you to purchase additional subscription options as you offer more services. Dentsply Sirona offers DS Core Create, which allows practices to use 3D printing equipment, such as Primeprint, without learning to use complex design software. Expanding your treatment offering through additional equipment and software means your practice can continuously grow and evolve.

Combine technologies

You can also combine technologies to work more efficiently and handle more services in-house. DS Core works seamlessly with Dentsply Sirona imaging devices and intraoral scanners to create dental appliances such as splints, working models, and surgery guides. This results in a fully integrated digital workflow from the initial full arch scan with Primescan to automated 3D printing with Primeprint. You can also benefit from hassle-free, automated file uploads.

Integrate with existing hardware

DS Core doesn’t just work with Dentsply Sirona equipment. It can also integrate with your existing hardware. This allows dental practices to implement digital dentistry without changing existing equipment and workflows. Various files can be manually added to your DS Core account, including photos, videos, pdfs, and stls. DS Core increases productivity and simplifies workflows by integrating existing hardware and Dentsply Sirona equipment.

Easy and safe storage of files

DS Core’s integrated library allows for easy and safe storage of patient files. All files are uploaded to one integrated library, categorized according to patient names, so you can easily and quickly find patient files. Dentists can easily keep track of shared files, patient lists, comments, and messages using DS Core’s dashboard. This dashboard combines scans, X-rays, images, videos, and documents in one convenient place.

Collaboration with other professionals is efficient, simple, and GDPR/HIPAA -compliant. External partners, specialists, and labs can easily view patient files using an email invitation. This increases efficiency and connectivity, allowing for a higher standard of patient care across the practice.


Spend more time with patients

DS Core also allows dentists to spend more time with patients. Because it’s a cloud-based platform, DS Core is always up to date with no updates or maintenance downtime required. This

also means that any device can easily access files from any location. All patient records, scans, files, and messages are stored conveniently in one location and organized by name so they can be easily located. This eliminates the need to hunt through physical records and is particularly valuable to practices with higher numbers of patients and paperwork. DS Core reduces delays in patient care and allows dentists to focus more on what matters to them - caring for their patients.

Streamline workflows

Using DS Core with other Dentsply Sirona solutions also helps streamline workflows, allowing dentists to spend more time building patient relationships. Dentsply Sirona hardware helps to eliminate time-consuming manual processes that are uncomfortable for patients, such as taking molds of patients’ mouths. Combining DS Core with Dentsply Sirona’s high-performing intraoral scanner Primescan simplifies the scanning process so you can easily delegate to your team to allow you to spend more time treating patients.

Compliant storage of patient files

Patient files often contain sensitive information, and that’s why DS Core supports GDPR/HIPAA -compliant storage and sharing of patient files. DS Core incorporates cybersecurity technology to keep patient details safe and give you and your patients peace of mind. This allows for safe and effective collaboration with external partners while maintaining quality patient relationships and protecting their personal data.


Transitioning to digital dentistry can be challenging. According to our market research, 96% of 3D printer owners and users1 highly value an integrated device service for their printers, considering it either a must-have or nice to have. And that’s why Dentsply Sirona offers DS Core Care - a comprehensive technical service and support solution that protects your equipment. Thanks to the connection to DS Core, it goes beyond - enabling preventative and digital service capabilities.

DS Core Care provides a number of support solutions to help streamline your practice, among them are:

  • Customer Support Portal. This interactive product knowledge base gives you instant access to questions and answers about products and workflows, whatever the time.
  • Fast Service Clarification. With the connection to DS Core you can benefit from remote, real-time, efficient troubleshooting, limiting unnecessary follow ups and saving your time.
  • Phone Support. Professional technical support via phone. Qualified service experts help you to solve your problems and keep your practice running smoothly.

What are the benefits of support for dental platforms?


Dentsply Sirona’s service and support solution, DS Core Care, offers several benefits that support dental practices using solutions to grow their business.

  • Fast responsiveness helps to minimize equipment downtime using remote support via Fast Service Clarifications which can reduce unnecessary service follow-ups. So you can spend more time with your patients.
  • Contribute to the continuous safety of your equipment. This means your Dentsply Sirona products are always functioning correctly and effectively.
  • Make your equipment more reliable. Having access to original space parts and replacement solutions from the manufacturer helps to increase the life expectancy of your equipment.
  • Receive the fast, high-quality service you deserve from trained experts. Access the Customer Support Portal 24/7 for immediate self-support or get the Phone Support from qualified service experts for further assistance.
  • Regular maintenance from trained service technicians. Maintenance is crucial for productivity. Annual preventative maintenance helps to ensure that your equipment is functioning reliably in the long run.
  • Investment protection. Extended parts coverage and preventive maintenance help to limit unpredictable costs for your comfort.

Key takeaways


DS Core is helping dental practices shift from analogue to digital dentistry. Dentsply Sirona is improving dentists' productivity and efficiency by providing a unified platform where dentists can access and share patient files. This is supported by our comprehensive service and support DS Core Care that helps minimize downtime and offers remote advice and guidance to give dentists comfort. By streamlining workflows, DS Core gives dentists more time to focus on patient care and expanding their practice.

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