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Orthodontics have come a long way over the years. Due to the latest advancements in modern aligners, it’s easier than ever to deliver treatments that are more comfortable, effective, and affordable for patients seeking orthodontic corrections. Whether they are considering straightening their teeth for cosmetic or oral health reasons, clear aligners can provide healthier smiles and a positive patient experience. Patients can now expect orthodontic treatments that offer discrete and comfortable solutions, quicker treatment times1, and more affordable options. Today, more adults are choosing to straighten their teeth because of a major life milestone or to improve their long-term oral health.

Primescan helps to create accurate clear aligner treatment plans 


Dentsply Sirona has helped redefine the standards of outstanding accuracy and speed of your clear aligner workflow. Primescan®, an intraoral scanner from Dentsply Sirona, allows you to step into digital dentistry with an open and versatile approach, allowing for growth and expansion. Primescan is compatible with other aligner providers, enabling you to enhance your relationship with your preferred partners.

SureSmile Clear Aligner from Dentsply Sirona deliver a complete, clinician controlled, clear aligner treatment solution for you and your patients. SureSmile’s open platform fully integrates with all Dentsply Sirona scanners as well as other commonly used scanners. After uploading patient records into the open software, you can specify your detailed preferences or simply rely on SureSmile’s Digital Lab to propose a customized plan for your patient. SureSmile’s precise data processing and thorough quality control offer outstanding fit, excellent durability, and aligners so transparent that they are hard to detect. Here’s an overview of the workflow:

Intraoral scanner in clear aligner treatment – workflow overview 


COLLECT PATIENT RECORDS: Take photos and digital impressions at the first appointment. SureSmile Aligner Software accepts scans from the most commonly used intraoral scanners and is seamlessly integrated with Primescan

CHECK: Immediately assess the quality of the intraoral scan on-screen.

UPLOAD: With the user-friendly SureSmile® Aligner treatment planning software, it is simple to upload digital impressions, X-rays, and patient photos from almost any source.

PLAN: You can rely on the Digital Lab specialists to propose an optimized treatment plan, or you can prescribe using your own preferences.

TREAT: Transform your patient’s smile with a personalized SureSmile Clear Aligner treatment plan that’s fully customized and designed to give them a long-lasting, healthy smile.

Primescan and SureSmile come together for precision and speed 


With the Primescan intraoral scanner, you can count on clinically proven precision for your digital impressions. Primescan’s patented technology includes smart pixel sensor and intelligent processing that scans 1.5 million 3D data points per second, making it one of the most accurate intraoral scanners in digital dentistry. Among Primescan clinicians, 86% agree that Primescan assists with higher fitting accuracy.2

Most aligners require refinements, potentially adding months to the original treatment plan, and resulting in frustrated patients. A recent review found that 3 out of 4 SureSmile Aligner cases do not require any refinements.3 With fewer refinements,you can increase profitability with improved chair time. And, with SureSmile, treatment time is three months faster than with Invisalign.4

In addition, Primescan’s intuitive scanning can elevate efficiency of the SureSmile Aligner workflow – scanning a full jaw (upper, lower, and buccal) in less than 60 seconds. Together, Primescan and SureSmile provide a customized fit for the ultimate comfort for your patients – from first placement through their final treatment week. Among Primescan clinicians, 92% are satisfied with patient comfort.2

Primescan allows you to expand with other intraoral scanning workflows and meet more patient needs. Dr. Daniel Vasquez, D.D.S.*, of Vasquez & Associates Dental Office in Oceanside, California, added Primescan to his practice years ago because of its versatile capabilities, and now uses it for all of his SureSmile cases. He explained, “SureSmile has changed the orthodontic division of my practice. Before Primescan and SureSmile, the process of traditional impressions and metal brackets was very clunky. Now, the experience is practically seamless, for my staff and my patients.” 

Patients are impressed by Primescan and SureSmile


The invisible orthodontics market is still developing and expected to grow by 17.6% over the next five years.5 For patients, there is an overwhelming amount of clear aligner options, including direct-to-consumer brands. At Dentsply Sirona, we’re confident that SureSmile is a great aligner. When paired with the Primescan intraoral scanner, you have a seamless, digital aligner workflow that creates a fast treatment plan and a great doctor and patient experience.

Dr. Vasquez discussed his own experience of switching from other clear aligners to SureSmile, “We used to use other brands of straightening solutions, but once we switched to SureSmile, we never looked back. Patients love SureSmile aligners; I’ve never had a patient say they didn’t like them. Also, we get great support directly from SureSmile.” 

The first step to a straighter smile is collecting records and taking digital impressions with the Primescan intraoral scanner increases patient comfort and satisfaction. By drawing on twenty years of experience in digital planning for orthodontic treatment, SureSmile combines its unique understanding of patients’ needs with advanced materials and technology to provide more predictable treatment plans with a comfortable and streamlined experience to give patients the confidence boost that comes with a straighter smile.

The Primescan intraoral scanner is key to a successful SureSmile aligner workflow that meets the needs of your patients and your practice.

To learn more about the integration of intra oral scanner in clear aligner treatment from Dentsply Sirona, click here.


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