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Whether you're a dentist embarking on digital dentistry or aiming to optimize existing workflows, you've come to the right place. The symbiotic relationship between digital impressions (DI) and the innovative DS Core platform highlights a dynamic fusion, with the power to revolutionize the digital impressions in dentistry and enhance patient care.

Primescan Connect
and Primescan AC are prime examples of innovation. While Primescan Connect serves as a gentle introduction to digital dentistry, featuring intuitive handling, precision outcomes, and seamless collaboration, Primescan AC takes a leap forward with high-performance capabilities tailored for complex cases.

Digital impressions in dentistry


Dentistry has undergone a monumental shift with the advent of digital impressions. Traditional methods made way for the streamlined efficiency of digital workflows, and at the forefront is a digital workflow using the DS Core dentistry platform. 

The benefits of DI for workflows 

Say goodbye to time-consuming impressions. Digital impressions bring forth a swift scanning process that reduces chair time by supporting full arch scans in less than a minute.

To have successful dental procedures, precision reigns supreme. DI take precision to new heights, translating into restorations that fit better leading to improved outcomes.

Ease of Use:
Solutions designed with user-friendliness in mind ensure seamless integration into daily routines.

Digital impressions facilitate secure data sharing, enabling seamless communication between specialists, lab technicians, and colleagues.

Efficient workflows are the cornerstone of a successful dental practice. Digital impressions empower enhanced, digital-driven workflows that optimize valuable resources and time.

Performance for diverse dental cases


Primescan opens the book to digital dentistry. Designed for dentists looking to begin their journey with ease and confidence.

  • Intuitive handling: User-friendly for dentists who are new to digital impression.
  • Precision results: Precise measurements no matter how difficult the capture area is.
  • Efficient connection: Smooth collaborations powered by DS Core integrate with secure sharing of patient data.
  • Future-Proof patented technology: Advanced patented technology ensures you're ready to handle the shifting landscape of digital dentistry, adapting alongside the technology itself.
  • Complex case handling: Whether faced with cavities, expansive edentulous areas, or reflective materials, Primescan is ready for the challenge.
    - Deep Cavity Scanning: Advanced scanning technology for deep cavities, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
    - Steep Incline Scanning: A system equipped to capture steep inclines with precision, enabling scans of intricate anatomical features.
    - Reflective Material Scanning: Scans reflective materials such as metal crowns, expanding the range of cases that can be confidently addressed by removing case-based limitations.
  • Hygiene: With its multi-sleeve concept and a variety of cleaning options, hygiene takes center stage. The fully closed scanning window prevents liquid infiltration, ensuring a clean and comfortable scanning experience.

Collaborating experience with DS Core for Primescan


The advantages of digital impressions don't culminate with the scanning process! Enter the DS Core platform in digital impressions , a cloud-based dental software designed to synergize consistently with DS digital impression scanning equipment and make workflows more efficient. The platform connects cloud technology to digital impressions.

  • Store patient files in one cloud location to enable efficient workflows in practice. Accessible via web browser, patients’ files are always available, wherever and whenever you need them.
  • Have secure access to files (DS Core supports GDPR and HIPPA compliance) anywhere at any location and any time
  • DS Core connects with your lab, making it easy to place and manage orders, allowing simple and supportive communication and collaboration.
  • Seamlessly and securely collaborate with colleagues and external partners or share case files with patients for their review at home.
  • The user-friendly communication canvas, allows you to view, arrange, and annotate the full-color 3D intraoral scans and combine them with additional compatible image formats, facilitating patient communication, comprehension, and case acceptance.
  • Getting your patient to say ‘Yes’ to SureSmile® Clear Aligners Treatment just got exciting. The fully integrated SureSmile Simulator on DS Core creates a 3D-visualization of the patient’s potential SureSmile® Clear Aligner Treatment, simplifying your communication with patients and increasing the probability of patient case acceptance, all within a single visit.

Streamlined workflows


It begins with a scan!

Lab technicians will appreciate the outstanding scan quality and seamless data transfer across various restorative cases, including indirect restorations like crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges, implant abutments and screw-retained crowns, as well as esthetic enhancements like veneers and comprehensive smile makeovers.

Primescan extends its capabilities to encompass digital orthodontics. Catering to clear aligners, including SureSmile, and various third-party providers.

The digitization of dentures enhances comfort, minimizing postoperative adjustments and frequent practice visits. Utilize Primescan's Reference Denture Scan Strategy to generate digital model data to transmit to your chosen lab.

Sleep appliance:
Send scan data to our trusted partners, Panthera and Resmed, to procure top-quality, tailor-made sleep devices and splints. Alternatively, choose a preferred provider for seamless orders of other splints like night guards and jaw therapies.

Establish direct connections with trusted partners like Simplant and Atlantis. Primescan is certified for Atlantis suprastructures, including the DS PrimeTaper system with modern tapered implants, harmonized prosthetic choices, and dedicated surgical and prosthetic kits. Explore guided surgery options with precision surgical guides, compatible with Simplant.

DS Core Care: Primescan protection


DS Core Care for Primescan provides comprehensive service and support for maintaining business productivity.

For Primescan Connect, this extensive service package offers several key benefits:

  • Express replacement: DS Core Care swiftly provides a replacement scanner for any issue. This minimizes equipment downtime, ensuring smooth practice management.
  • Accidental damage coverage: DS Core Care goes beyond standard support by covering unexpected damage to scanners, providing peace of mind. This noteworthy feature marks the first time DS has extended coverage to include accidental damage, a unique and distinct feature in the market that spans two years, providing advanced protection.
  • Remote support: DS Core Care digital support services offer customers real-time support.This means fewer follow-ups and quicker solutions.

For Primescan AC, Core Care service benefits include:

  • Annual Maintenance- Annual preventive maintenance performed by a qualified service technician to protect efficiency and help extend lifetime of your equipment – includes the maintenance kit and labor
  • Remote Support: Fast Service Clarification powered by DS Core enables remote troubleshooting from highly qualified experts to save you time.
  • Spare Parts- Quick supply of spare parts from the original manufacturer to help minimize downtime and avoid additional costs.
  • On-site Repair Coverage: With the option of DS Core Care Premium, customers can have peace of mind with an all-in service and support solution, including coverage of on-site repair including labor and travel.*

Embarking on a digital dentistry journey invites exploration of the dynamic interplay between digital impressions and the DS Core platform. Embrace the future of dentistry through the synergy of technology and excellence. Are you ready to take the next stride? Explore the DS Core platform and Digital Impression solutions to immerse yourself in the future of digital dentistry.

*Some limitations may apply. See complete terms & conditions. 

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