Easy access to high-quality dental CAD services

Are you looking for an easy access to high-quality designs without needing to operate design software? DS Core Create offers the support you want: a design service that's accessible in just a few clicks. Rely on the expertise of our skilled partner labs and simply request ready-to-print files for a growing variety of indications. This way, you don't need to invest your valuable time into designing, which lets you spend more time with your patients. You can even delegate the workflow, from scan to order, to your practice staff.


Why choose DS Core Create?

Reliable & high-quality results

Expert lab designs coupled with the excellent printing quality of Primeprint lead to outstanding patient care.

Fast turnaround times

You can expect to receive your design proposal within 6 business hours to ensure an efficient workflow.

More time with your patients

By delegating the CAD workflow to a DS Core Create lab, and not operating the design software yourself, you save valuable time for what really matters.

Seamless connection to your devices

Because Create is a DS Core service, it seamlessly connects to your DS scanner and production equipment.

“I love having the freedom to outsource the design to an experienced partner when time is short, when I simply don’t want to design, or when it gets complex.”

Dr. Gertrud Fabel | Dentist from Munich, Germany

Ready-to-print indications available with DS Core Create 

DS Core Create puts high-quality designs created by expert lab technicians at your fingertips. Order designs for a variety of clinical indications.

Getting started with DS Core Create

With DS Core Create, the workflow of printing patient-specific applications is easy, efficient and can be delegated to your staff.


Digital workflow for nightguards / splints with DS Core Create

Have a closer look at Dr. Gertrud Fabel's practice to see how easy and time-saving this workflow can be with our DS Core Create design service.

DS Core Create complementary equipment

Print custom applications with accurate, reproducible results

Scan, order & print with Primeprint

Primeprint is a highly automated, end-to-end, medical-grade 3D printing system for dentists and dental technicians who want to expand their treatment or service offerings.

This smart hardware and software solution is optimized for dental, biocompatible applications and integrates seamlessly into digital workflows in your practice and lab. Primeprint can run the entire printing process, including post-processing, automatically. The high level of automation helps reduce handling times, allows for delegation, and enables maximized productivity.

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