Why Choose Dental Ultrasonic Scalers?

When equal strokes are applied, Cavitron 300 Ultrasonic Scaling removed on average 50% more active biofilm compared to hand scaling in an in vitro study.*

Quickly and effectively remove even the most tenacious calculus³

Preferred by 74% of patients over hand scaling¹

Less pressure, greater comfort for patients and professionals compared to hand scaling⁴

Proven efficiency and versatility²

 *Abstract which has been reviewed and presented at IADR

The Right Reasons for Ultrasonic Scaling

As the world leader in dental solutions, Dentsply Sirona wants to help you deliver the highest level of patient care —with the highest level of safety for you, your patients, and your staff.

Why removing biofilm matters

Have you seen the new data on ultrasonic scaling with the Cavitron 300 Series? It may change the way you think about scaling - and helps you further enhance your patient care.

Maintenance assurance of control against cross-contamination and infection control are priorities with every procedure, and Cavitron systems keep this top of mind. Specially designed tools incorporated into each Cavitron unit help keep your system performing at the optimal level and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Diagnostic display

  • Easy-to-read control panel includes BlueZone indicator, Rinse Mode, Boost Mode indicator, Purge Button, and Service and Low Battery indicators 

Single-push rinse and purge

  • Enhances efficiency
  • 2-minute automatic water flush

Autoclavable handpiece

  • Provides the highest assurance of control against cross-contamination

Hygienist comfort has long been a focus for the development of Cavitron units. Consistent research allows for innovative solutions to provide maximum comfort during each procedure. Ergonomic features are incorporated into every system, ensuring an intuitive performance and allowing hygienists to focus on patient care. Dental professionals experience less pressure and greater comfort during ultrasonic scaling procedures compared to hand scaling.

Tap-On Technology

  • Activates scaling with a single tap of the pedal
  • Eliminates the need to keep a foot on the pedal during procedures
  • Hands-free boost mode allows you to increase power for quick removal of tenacious calculus

Wireless foot control

  • Wireless 360° foot pedal is ergonomically designed to provide ease of use and mobility
  • Can be controlled anywhere within 3 meters of base

Prophy mode autocycles

  • Automatically alternate between air polish and rinse without a need to touch the pedal

As a dental health care professional, you’re concerned about your patients’ health and comfort. Providing them the best care is foremost on your mind. As a clinician, you’re also concerned with bio-accumulative stress disorders, and how they can impact your career. Hand scaling is typical of the type of repetitive motion that experts agree may lead to painful carpal tunnel syndrome. Our ultrasonic scalers replace the stress of hand scaling with low-amplitude high-frequency energy that’s capable of powering off even the most tenacious calculus with a “feather touch.”

Did You Know? Nearly 1 of every 3 dental professionals cite musculoskeletal disorders as the reason for early retirement.* Cavitron systems offer innovative solutions for improved ergonomics.


*Data on File

Cavitron Magnetostrictive Technology guarantees quality and performance. In addition to the advantages of ultrasonic scaling units, Cavitron magnetostrictive systems add value with benefits for both hygienists and patients. Advanced technology enhances the ergonomics for a comfortable experience. Cavitron units provide unique offerings designed to improve performance.

Our magnetostrictive technology provides easy adaptation technique and enhanced clinical access. We originally recognized, back in 1987, 30,000 cycles per second (kHz) as an efficient operating frequency for both clinical power and patient comfort. The market has endorsed this for over eighteen years as 30 kHz units continue to play a dominant role in the United States, the country recognized as a leader in preventive dentistry.


“Elliptical oscillation [of magnetostrictive scaling] allows the tip to scale to any angle, designed to minimize wrist adjustment when moving from tooth to tooth.”*

 —Lea SC, et al. J Clin Periodontol.

If your Cavitron system needs repairs, Dentsply Sirona offers the factory certified service of Cavitron Care, with expert technicians performing all maintenance along with a 26-point Quality Check. Dentsply Sirona’s first-quality service fixes it right, and fixes it fast. In fact, average repair time is just two days!

Take advantage of Cavitron Care service in two easy steps:

  • Call for a prepaid shipping box
  • Send the unit to Cavitron Care

Cavitron Care will do the rest – providing you a guaranteed estimate, the most up-to-date parts, a warranty on all repairs, and factory-certified service. Why trust your investment to anyone but a team of highly trained specialists?

For technical service and repair, call 1-800-989-8826 (toll-free), Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM EST, or email us at

Cavitron Systems

Cavitron systems lead the competition with innovative features and benefits that enhance the scaling experience. The extensive Cavitron family of products has an ultrasonic scaling unit to fit any office need.

Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaling Inserts


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