Why choose CEREC Tessera?

High-strength glass ceramic block

Up to 32% stronger than the competition with biaxial strength measured at more than 700 MPa.

Tooth-like esthetics

The dual crystal stucture is designed to interact with the visible light spectrum for ideal translucence, flourescence and opalescence.

Fast total processing time

Clinicians can save up to 44% of total processing time (grinding and firing) without compromising on the full range of esthetic options.

Broad Case Indications

Indicated for use for single-unit full contour crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers.

Global Clinical Case Collection

Clinical Cases with CEREC Tessera

"Margins milled beautifully. The shade worked out nicely for this case! No adjustments were needed."

Shivi Gupta, DDS

“The firing time is a game changer with this material.”

Michael Snider, DMD

Performance Where it Counts Most

Super-Fast Processing

CEREC Tessera blocks enable unprecedented processing speed for greater patient satisfaction and a more productive practice.

Recommendations for CEREC Tessera restorations with Dentsply Sirona Calibra cements

The answer to which cement is correct for a certain situation depends largely on the type of restoration and its wall thickness.

  • Fundamentally all types of CEREC Tessera glass ceramic restoration can be cemented fully adhesively. 
  • Inlays, onlays and partial crowns have to be cemented fully adhesively, that is using Prime&Bond and Calibra Ceram.
  • Veneers have to be cemented fully adhesively, that is using Prime&Bond and Calibra Veneer.
  • Anterior and posterior crowns with a wall thickness of approximately 1.5 millimeters or more may also be cemented with a glass ionomer technology based cement, such as Calibra Bio or Calibra Universal.

Inlays, onlays and partial crown restorations with a wall-thickness <1.5mm

Anterior and posterior crown restorations with a wall thickness >1.5mm

Veneer restorations

CAD/CAM equipment for efficient, effective restorations


Concept and Workflow

Tips & Tricks

Partial Veneering


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