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Digital dentures with inLab SW - An option for any preference

Modern Labs have high expectations on a digital denture workflow: It should be time saving, secure and economical.

The inLab Software offers coordinated process steps combined with a high level of user comfort. From the accurate capture of a bite registration with the inEos X5 extraoral scanner, to an automated and careful model analysis, to the initial proposal of a possible tooth set-up and the design of the denture base. The laboratory also remains flexible in the subsequent production options.


Digital Mill Denture Workflow

Step 1: Scan with inEos X5

Step 2: Design with inLab CAD Software

Step 3: Manufacturing the Denture Base and Denture Teeth with inLab MCX5

Step 4: Bonding with Lucitone HIPA


What Lab Technicians are saying

“For me, the digital dentures are absolutely the right step into the future, because they reduce the treatment time of the patient as well as cost and manufacturing effort.”

Christian Schuchmann, Dental-Labor Teuber GmbH, Germany

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