Extraoral X-ray Solutions from Dentsply Sirona


Why Choose Our Extraoral X-ray Devices?

Volumes according to your diagnostic needs

From a focused field of view for endodontic questions (Ø 5 cm x Ø 5.5 cm) up to a large field of view (Ø 17 cm x Ø 13 cm) that covers the complete dentition, including both TMJs and the cranial base, defined by nasion and sella.

Efficient diagnostics thanks to exceptional image quality

Following the ALARA principle, our Axeos and Orthophos devices provide you the image quality you need for optimal diagnostic support at the lowest possible dose.

A broader treatment offering with modern solutions

All of our X-ray units are equipped with smart functionalities, giving you new possibilities for your practice offering, now and in the future.

A reliable partner for your practice thanks to proven quality

“Made in Germany” is more than just a stamp on a box, it is a promise that you’re getting premium technology based on high-quality engineering and manufacturing. With more than 100,000 units sold worldwide, we can say one thing for sure: Our extraoral imaging solutions are best-in-class.

Easy patient positioning

Thanks to our Patient Positioning & Image Assistant concept, patient positioning and X-ray capture are simple and efficient. You receive high-quality, reproducible images to support your treatment analysis while ensuring  a high level of comfort for the patient and assistant.

Digital advantages that make your life easier

No dark room, no chemicals, less running costs, less dosage, faster workflows. These are just some of the benefits our devices bring to your practice.

"Whether it is an implant planning case I am doing with my SICAT Implant software, or I am defining the measurements for a patient’s orthodontic treatment/aligners, Axeos integrates smoothly into my processes with its smart connectivity and excellent data exchange options."

Dr. Michael Layton, Canada

2D Panoramic Radiography: Revolutionary Technologies

3D Imaging is becoming increasingly popular in practices around the world and is seen as a cornerstone of modern dental imaging. However, 2D X-rays still have a rightful place in your daily lineup. This is largely due to radiation hygiene, which is a core component of modern dental diagnostics. In terms of improvements in image quality, the options available in 2D technology are far from exhausted. 2D X-ray devices from Dentsply Sirona score highly in daily handling, thanks to technical innovations for unparalleled sharp images and operation that leaves nothing to be desired.

See more, do more with 3D CBCT imaging

3D technology is becoming increasingly well-established in dental practices around the world. For more precise diagnoses and treatment explanations, 3D X-rays offer a number of advantages. Whether with superimposed teeth, unexpected nerve canal paths, hidden roots, or temporomandibular joint anomalies, in addition to a number of other clinical situations, 3D images are invaluable.

With all of our Dentsply Sirona 3D imaging units, Axeos and Orthophos S 3D, you get state-of-the-art imaging processes designed for optimal clinical diagnostic support. When capturing a 3D X-ray with one of our devices, several hundred indivdual images are taken and then this data is combined within the matter of seconds to create a final 3D image of the jaw area for your diagnosis. The practitioner is then able to take a “virutal tour” of the scan and assess the data from every dimension.

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