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Orthophos S from Dentsply Sirona


Why choose the Orthophos S?

Sharp and autofocused images

Even in anatomically difficult cases with the 2D CsI sensor with autofocus function

Selectable volume sizes

From Ø 5 cm x 5.5 cm to 8 cm x 8 cm or optional up to 11 cm x 10 cm

An optional cephalometric arm

The ceph arm can be added on the right or left side of the unit and ordered at the time of purchase or retrofitted at any time

Maximum consistency and Easy reproducibility

Thanks to automatic patient positioning with the patented occlusal bite block

3D according to your needs

With the 3D Intelligent Low Dose mode, you get 3D images in the dose range of a 2D X-ray. In HD mode (up to 1,400) individual images are captured during a single rotation and converted into a 3D volume with up to 80 μm for low-noise images in high resolution.

Safe and proven patient positioning

With motorized temple and forehead supports, automatic temple width measurement, light localizers and integrated handles for additional positioning stability

Without Autofocus

Only some parts of the image are in focus, while other areas are blurred.

With Autofocus

The system detects the relevant areas from several thousand individual images in one cycle and automatically identifies the areas where the jaw is optimally positioned.

The result

Sharp images.

Gallery of 2D Images

Volumes for a variety of indications

A broad range of volume sizes to support your various diagnostic and clinical needs from Ø 5 x 5.5 cm to Ø 11 x 10 cm

Gallery of 3D Images

Gallery of Cephalometric Images


The requirements follow those for image processing software Sidexis 4 and Orthophos S. For more details please see Sidexis 4 system requirements and Orthophos S installation requirements.

Dentsply Sirona x-ray units work exclusively with Sidexis 4. Nevertheless data migration from Sidexis XG to Sidexis 4 is very easy. Sidexis 4 allows for the full digital experience with the latest tools

Orthophos S 2D allows a 3D upgrade. Axeos is a dedicated hybrid unit. The Orthophos E does not offer this option.

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