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Full contour zirconia restorations in one visit

CEREC SpeedFire is the smallest and fastest sintering furnace on the market and can typically sinter a crown in approximately 14 minutes1. The advantages of full-contour zirconia can thus also be used for chairside treatment.

CEREC SpeedFire can process the Dentsply Sirona ceramic block materials as well as partner materials from Ivoclar, VITA Zahnfabrik, 3M Dental, Kuraray Noritake Dental, GC and Shofu.


Why choose CEREC SpeedFire?

Orders sent automatically

The CEREC Software sends an order with all necessary information to the furnace

Induction Technology

SuperSpeed Chamber for up to three single crowns or one 3-unit bridge and unparalleled short sintering and firing times


Intuitive operation 

Pre-Heating Function

Save time and speed up the glazing process by starting the pre-heating at the same as the grinding process

LED Status indication

Different colors indicate the current status of the process

Firing time from 4.5 to 10.5 minutes

4.5 to 10.5 minutes1 are typically required to glaze a CEREC Tessera crown

Range of Compatible Materials

CEREC SpeedFire can process a great variety of different materials from a choice of validated partners. Have a look at the Dentsply Sirona materials.

View our collection of clinical cases and convince yourself of the high quality and great esthetics of the restorations.

CEREC SpeedFire as part of the CEREC Workflow


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Frequently Asked Questions

During sintering, fine-grained ceramic or metallic materials are heated up at a temperature below the melting temperature of the main components. The shape of the workpiece remains intact. The material condenses and shrinks. A green body is formed which solidifies by temperature. The sintered product only then gets its final properties such as hardness, strength or temperature conductivity. The sintering shrinkage is taken into account during the construction of the restoration – the workpiece is milled larger by the shrinkage factor.

The induction furnace CEREC SpeedFire combines the processes of sintering and glazing in one compact, user-friendly device. This makes it possible to use all the strengths of zirconium dioxide also for a chairside treatment. CEREC SpeedFire reaches a maximum heating rate of 300 ° C per minute – no preheating or holding temperatures are necessary. Its induction technology ensures a perfectly homogeneous temperature distribution.

The extremely short sintering times are determined by the dry milling of the pre-sintered material. A drying process of several hours is not necessary. Its dimensions make CEREC SpeedFire a compact device that fits in any practice.

CEREC SpeedFire enables sintering, crystallization and glazing of the Dentsply Sirona ceramic blocks CEREC MTL Zirconia, CEREC Tessera and CEREC Zirconia+ as well as CEREC Zirconia meso, inCoris TZI and inCoris TZI C, inCoris ZI meso, Celtra Duo and CEREC Bloc C and PC.

Furthermore, the furnace is authorised to process IPS.emax CAD (by Ivoclar), VITA SUPRINITY PC (by VITA Zahnfabrik) , Chairside Zirconia (by 3M Dental), Katana Zirconia STML (by Kuraray Noritake Dental) or the Initial LiSi Block (by GC).

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  1. Depending on material type and restoration thickness