Endodontics Foundational Overview


These beginner-level CE dental courses offer a comprehensive introduction to endodontics and provide the basic knowledge necessary for performing successful treatments. Using real-life examples, we will begin by discussing utilizing a patient’s self-reported symptoms and performing a routine clinical exam to form an accurate diagnosis. Then, building on the principles of the first course, we will cover the proper selection of radiographs and highlight prospective prognoses. By the end of the curriculum, participants will have a concrete understanding of the foundation of endodontics and feel comfortable moving to our procedure-based courses.


Key Takeaways

  • Build an accurate diagnosis using a patient’s history and self-reported symptoms
  • Enhance patient-centered communication techniques
  • Properly select 2D and CBCT radiographs
  • Develop an understanding of the progression of pulpal and peri-radicular diseases
  • Efficient root canal tray set-up
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