Endodontics Mastery Overview


These Mastery-level endodontics courses are designed for experienced clinicians to build on the foundational skills gained in the Foundational and Procedure-Based courses. Experts will discuss managing more complex cases, such as traumatically injured teeth, endodontic emergencies and the retreatment of endodontically treated teeth. Participants will also apply their foundational and procedure-based skills to evaluate and diagnose cases in this capstone. By the end of the Mastery level, clinicians should feel confident in applying their knowledge in clinical cases.


Key Takeaways

  • Manage endodontic emergencies and removal of separated instruments
  • Manage traumatically injured teeth, internal and external resorption, and bleaching
  • Evaluate and diagnose cases while establishing an efficient workflow
  • Retreat endodontically treated teeth
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