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Heliodent Plus from Dentsply Sirona

Thanks to its various installation and operation options, the Heliodent Plus can be easily adapted to fit every X-ray situation, regardless of a room's dimensions or layout, we provide options to support each unique workflow.

Operation Options


Why Choose Heliodent Plus?

Smart Design for Stable Positioning and Consistent Imaging

Heliodent Plus offers a 0.4 mm focal spot and vibration-free components to ideally support your workflow

Remote Functionality

Operate the Heliodent Plus outside of the X-ray room via a remote control, remote timer, or through a manual release.

Robust and Durable

The robust product design ensures durability, longevity, and security of investment.

Safe and Intuitive Operation

Clear user options and numerous installation configurations support the unique needs of your practice and facilitate a flexible workflow. Patient safety is put in the forefront with a radiation meter to help ensure that there is neither underexposure or overexposure of your patient and their X-ray.

"Now that we have installed the new X-ray unit, operating errors are a thing of the past. It is very nice having the option of taking either analog or digital X-rays. The tube head holds very steady so there are no more blurred images."

Dr. Arnolds, Mönchengladbach, Germany

Heliodent Plus Configurator

Want to configure your Heliodent Plus to fit your practice workflow and treatment room? Check out our online configurator. Just select your unit options and request a quote. All it takes is a few clicks.

Technical features of our intraoral X-ray units

Power supplyDirect Current (DC)
Line voltage120 - 240 V

Focal spot

(acc. IEC 336)

0.4 mm
Tube voltage60-70 kV
Tube current7 mA
Exposure time 0.01 - 3.2 s, incrementally adjustable
Detector mediaFreely selectable among film, phosphor plate and digital sensor
Arm lengthMedium: 1500mm/59.06” ; Long: 1790mm/70.47” , Extra Long: 2040mm/80.31”
Installation optionWall-mounted, on a mobile cart or on a Dentsply Sirona Treatment Center

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can use Heliodent Plus with film, phosphor plates, or digital intraoral sensors thanks to a small focal spot and easily adjustable exposure time. Our systems are ideal for all receptor mediums. The preset options on the control panel (film/sensor) can be adjusted by a technician to best suit the user's medium. In this case, phosphor plates should be considered film.

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