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Rhino - low speed torque up to 6,500 rpm

Lightweight design with easy locking Midwest connection

Shorty - Single Speed up to 6,000 rpm

Smooth and easy startup, precision control, and quiet operation from air turbine motors.

Shorty - Two Speed up to 6,000 or 30,000 rpm

Low Speed Air-Driven Motors and Attachments

Straight Attachment - Straight Attachment for use with Shorty and Rhino XP.
Contra Angle Sheath - Contra Angle Sheath for use with Shorty and Rhino XP. Recommended for Upper and Lower Speed Ranges.
U-style Adapter - Universal Style Adapter for use with Shorty and Rhino XP. Acceptc Disposable Phrophy Angles.
Right Angle Sheath - Phrophy Right Angle Sheath for use with Shorty and Rhino XP Lower Speed Range only.

Midwest® - the trusted brand of dental professionals

You voted and the Townies have spoken! Midwest took home two Dental Townie Choice Awards® for our high quality low and high speed dental handpieces.

Midwest® Automate® System

Automatically removes debris, precisely lubricates all moving parts and accurately expels excess.

Midwest® Plus Handpiece Cleaner and Lubricants

The classic formula cleans while also lubricating handpieces and attachments for necessary sterilization.

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