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OSSIX Plus from Dentsply Sirona


Why choose OSSIX Plus?

A resilient resorbable collagen barrier membrane

Maintains barrier functionality for 4-6 months

Resistant to degradation when exposed for 3-5 weeks

Excellent handling properties, adapts and conforms to defects, and adheres well to tissue

Porcine type I collagen derived, provides excellent biocompatibility and longevity

Intended Cases

  • Ridge augmentation for later implant insertions
  • Simultaneous ridge augmentation and implant insertions
  • Ridge augmentation around implants inserted in delayed extraction sites
  • Ridge augmentation around implants inserted in immediate extraction sites
  • Over the window in lateral window sinus elevation procedure
  • In implants with vertical bone loss due to infection, only in cases where satisfactory debridement and implant surface
  • Alveolar ridge preservation consequent to tooth (teeth) extraction(s)disinfection can be achieved
  • In intra bony defects around teeth
  • For treatment of recession defects, together with coronally positioned flap
  • In furcation defects in multi-rooted teeth

Lateral Bone Augmentation demonstration with OSSIX Bone & OSSIX Plus

Ridge Augmentation demonstration with OSSIX Plus

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