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Why to Choose X-Smart® Apex Locator

Patented measurement technique

The X-Smart® Apex Locator model is based on a unique patented technology with more than 20 years of established clinical history, which uses electrical properties of different tissues inside the root canal system and provides correct results in canals with various conditions – dry and wet1.

Modern, user-friendly design

X-Smart® Apex Locator provides improved ergonomics and user interface. The touchscreen presents larger viewing area with advanced graphical image of the tooth and root canal. The high-resolution display provides all viewing angles2.

Up to 150 root canal treatments with a full charge*

Full day battery life. The ECO mode will automatically manage the power consumption of the X-Smart® Apex Locator to prolong the battery usage.

Highly precise working length determination

X-Smart® Apex Locator is the next generation of ProMark Apex Locator, with equivalent accuracy.*



X-Smart® Apex Locator measures with expert accuracy

Other types of apex locators use mixed AC signal frequencies to detect the apex. X-Smart® Apex Locator alternates them, canceling the need for signal filtering and eliminating the noise that can interfere with performance.



The root canals should be moist. However, X-Smart® Apex Locator provides correct results in canals with various conditions – dry and wet1.

The presence of blood does not affect the measurement. However, blood should not be overflowing out of the canal.

Use a file that matches the canal diameter. A file too thin in a large canal can give different results when the measurement is repeated

Always use the apex locator in combination with radiographs. If after a few millimeters, the apex locator indicates you are at the apex, suspect a perforation or root fracture. X-rays should be used to confirm your suspicions.

After each use, all objects that were in contact with infectious agents should be cleaned using single-use wipes or a soft cloth impregnated with a disinfecting and detergent solution (a bactericidal, fungicidal and aldehyde free solution), according to manufacturer’s directions. We recommend using only a disinfecting solution which is approved for its efficacy (VAH/DGHM-listing, CE marking, FDA approval). Use of chemical agents may cause damage to the equipment. To clean the device housing and measurement cable, we recommend single-use wipes (e.g. DENTIRO® Wipes). After cleaning, all disinfectant residues should be removed. No visible impurities or liquid should remain on the device housing after disinfection.

Root Canal Shaping


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* Internal data on file. For more information, contact

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