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Lucitone Denture Base materials from Dentsply Sirona


Why choose Lucitone denture base materials?


Dentsply Sirona offers dental laboratories a quality pour acrylic that can be used for full and partial denture fabrication or other removable appliances, denture repair and relines.

Heat cure acrylic

The Lucitone denture base family consists of a range of heat cure acrylics. No matter if you are looking for a high-impact, a highly characterized, or a high-production denture base material, Dentsply Sirona offers the solution.

Partial Denture Alloy Systems

Vitallium is the partial denture of choice when it comes to high quality partial denture frameworks. Finish your framework with Lucitone denture base acrylic and Dentsply Sirona teeth for the ultimate aesthetic outcome.

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