Reamers for Endodontic Procedures

Dentsply Sirona carries a variety of precision endodontic instruments designed to support your clinical preferences and generate optimal clinical outcomes. Our selection of K-reamers is made with quality stainless steel and superior manufacturing methods to fulfill an essential role in achieving canal negotiation and glide path creation.

Adequate hand file negotiation and glide path can prevent file fracture, canal transportation, and inadequate cleaning and shaping. Many consider an ideal access cavity preparation the first step in a successful root canal treatment.

To discover more about endodontic reamers and our line of endodontic instruments and supplies, explore our trusted brands, including Lexicon and FlouroPost.

The Clinical Advantage

K-Reamer and K-Files enlarge the canal with a longitudinal filing and a rotational cutting action. The choice between the two types of instruments is largely clinician preference, but hand files remain fundamental to endodontic practice.

The hand file resistance to apical advancement helps determine treatment strategy by providing an understanding of curvature, calcification, and length. They offer the distinct advantage of letting the clinician feel the canal anatomy prior to shaping.

Reamers are used in rotation, and this reaming motion is associated with less canal transportation than a watch-winding movement used by K-files. The dental device also has fewer spirals than K-files and typically a triangular cross-section – factors that make reamers a flexible and effective rotary cutting instrument.

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