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Unlocking Precision and Efficiency

Simplified Handling*

The chuck system is easier to operate, with lighter-weight materials to improve ergonomics.

Lower Noise for Reduced Stress****

Optimization of the gear design results in a quieter work environment.

Daily Hero for Peace of Mind**

Higher durability, longer lifetime of the handpiece and an extended warranty for you.

Optimal Access and Improved View

Smaller head dimensions offers an improved access and better sight of the preparation area.

High Safety***

Midwest® Energo™ features the coolest heads in the market.

Reduced Carbon Footprint*****

Sustainable packaging and paperless instructions help save natural resources.

* in comparison with predecessor product (Line plattform)
** Endurance tests show a multiple higher lifetime against the current models. Study with measurement results of the current and new platform available on request (
*** external conducted study at the VDE Prüf- und Zertifizierungsinstitut GmbH, Germany. This study has not been plublished and is available on request (
**** in comparison with predecessor product (Line plattform)
***** J. Schaefer (2022), TU Darmstadt, Germany. This thesis has not been plublished and is available on request (

Our Product Portfolio: Differentiation Through Classes

Discover the differences between various product classes of our electric handpieces and find the perfect tool to suit your requirements. Our comprehensive selection offers not only variety, but also a high quality and precision. From innovative designs to advanced technologies, we highlight the features of each product class to make your decision easier. Immerse yourself in the world of dental contra-angle handpieces and discover how first-class products can take your practice to a new level. Find out which handpiece best suits your needs and optimize your dental work with the perfect combination of performance and reliability


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All comparisons mentioned refer to our predecessor product (Line platform)