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Prophy angles from Dentsply Sirona

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A comprehensive approach

Dentsply Sirona offers a wide selection of prophy cups and brushes to help dental professionals perform the most effective cleaning and polishing procedures possible. Through flexibility, comfort, and performance, our prophy products empower the clinician to promote and protect a healthy smile.

Prophy cups and brushes impact the efficiency of stain removal, interproximal cleaning, and subgingival access. The design of cups and brushes also impacts the clinician’s control of prophy pastes, managing placement and reducing splatter.

A successful dental hygiene visit inspires patients to make a strong and enduring commitment to their own dental hygiene. Preventive care doesn’t stop at the dental chair, so these positive experiences can educate and motivate your patient to become lifelong advocate of oral health.

Dentsply Sirona champions a comprehensive approach to preventive care and promotes complete solutions that help ensure the success of hygiene treatments. We offer a variety of prophy paste, varnish, and disposable angles that give you the freedom to move and focus on your patients. These products can make hygiene care more valuable and rewarding, encouraging patients to commit to routine dental care.

Nupro Disposable Prophy Angles

Our Nupro Disposable Prophy Angles are now available in a wide variety of multiple cup options: contra spiral, spiral, tapered brush, pointed tip, soft, firm and pedo — for reduced splatter, interproximal cleaning, and improved access around crowns or orthodontics.

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1. Compared to traditional disposable prophy angles.