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Efficiency - Improve your practice performance

When inefficiencies can cost clinicians up to $900 a month or more, an efficient workflow means a more profitable procedure for you and a better experience for your patient. 

Dentsply Sirona’s Single-Unit Crown Workflow Solutions simplify and optimize the most critical steps - delivering predictable results in both provisionalization and final impression taking.

Longevity - key to patient satisfaction

More than half of all crown failures can be attributed to avoidable risks. Dentsply Sirona’s Single-Unit Crown Workflow Solutions are designed to help you improve crown longevity and protect marginal integrity - the two most important clinical improvements cited by general practitioners.

Our Single-Unit Crown Workflow Solutions deliver at every step

Anything that impedes your performance wastes valuable chair time and can compromise the longevity of your restoration. That’s why it’s important to optimize your workflow, from the preliminary impression to the final crown cementation. The success of every single-unit crown depends on your ability to work efficiently while delivering long-lasting restorations.

Single-Unit Crown Workflow Solutions - Introduction

Single-Unit Crown Workflow Solutions - Posterior Restoration

Single-Unit Crown Workflow Solutions - Anterior Restoration

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