Gender Pay

We are committed to being part of the solution to close the global gender pay gap. This includes Board-level reporting of D&I metrics, regularly evaluating compensation practices, and rolling out D&I scorecards for Management Committee members.

As a member of Paradigm for Parity, we have made a cross-sector diversity commitment. Paradigm For Parity is a coalition of more than 130 CEOs, executives, board members, founders, and experts dedicated to providing women and men equal opportunity and power, and achieving gender parity by 2025.

In becoming signatories to the coalition and goal, we pledge to grow a diverse talent pool, improve employee diversity and gender balance, advocate for women’s advancement in senior positions within the company, and measure and monitor our progress to ensure accountability.

Employee Engagement

Building and maintaining an engaged workforce is a major priority for us. This means seeking, listening to, and acting on employee feedback, and giving our people the opportunity to volunteer in local communities individually or as part of a team.

Through various channels, including annual engagement and pulse surveys, we regularly provide opportunities for our employees to voice their thoughts and opinions on how we can improve the employee and customer experiences. We also equip our People managers with post-survey tools so that they can create meaningful action plans with their teams.

In 2020, on top of our annual employee engagement survey, we also organized a global, post-COVID “return to workplace” pulse survey and a D&I pulse check in the U.S.

Overall, we’ve seen positive results from our employee survey efforts. Our employee engagement score has increased 31% since our first global survey with Gallup in 2018.

We’ve also piloted initiatives to improve employee engagement, such as DS24hours, during which Dentsply Sirona’s senior management team hosted an all-Company event to promote the Company’s culture and purpose. In 24 1-hour timeslots, executive leaders addressed employees in a total of 90 global locations via live video stream with simultaneous translation in 10 languages, and employees spoke directly to senior leadership and asked location-specific questions.

Employee Volunteerism: Dentsply Sirona Employees Making a Difference for Christmas

We firmly believe that work should be purposeful and strive to have our employees put this belief into practice through their daily work and community partnerships or volunteerism opportunities.

Every year, Dentsply Sirona employees around the world participate in initiatives to support charities during the festive period. Dentsply Sirona employees demonstrated their generosity in a variety of ways:

Talent Management

We are committed to recruiting, hiring, and developing high-potential, qualified talent regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. We conduct an annual Talent Development Review process, which strengthens our talent pipeline, aids succession planning, and increases the visibility of diverse talent.

Additional resources planned for 2021 include our online learning library, global mentoring platform, Early Career and Inclusive mentoring programs, and Leadership Mentoring program. 

As part of our commitment to an equitable, inclusive recruitment and talent retention strategy, we'll be undertaking a project to understand diverse talent availability by role and location. Working with an external benchmarking expert, Affirmity, will create outputs that, when shared with leadership, will be used as a benchmark to ensure progress and accountability. We will use this information to build diverse candidate sourcing strategies.

Dentsply Sirona has made considerable investments in the learning and development of our employees across all levels in recent years. We planned an Early Career Program in the U.S., and with its launch in 2021, focused on hiring co-ops, interns, and recent college graduates to prepare them for accelerated long-term growth within our organization. We recently launched our Talent Development Review (TDR), an automated, global process to evaluate employee performance and potential, build awareness of diverse and upcoming talent, and improve succession preparedness. We also provided employee and manager toolkits in multiple languages across our global network to support employees with new workplace norms, such as remote work, time management, and goal setting.

In October 2020, we launched our Leadership College Channel on Yammer, a communication and social learning platform, to allow managers to grow their skills, lead others, and contribute to the business by asking questions, discussing resources and ideas, and sharing experiences and best practices. The channel has more than 3,500 members, over 600 of whom are active.

In 2021, we plan to launch a multilingual, global online learning library, which all employees can use at any time for their own learning and development. Finally, we’re instituting a global mentoring platform to build our talent pipeline and enhance our focus on mentoring.

Employee Health and Well-Being

We understand the stressors that exist in a fast-paced, evolving world, and recognize the role we play as employers in supporting the mental and physical well-being of our employees. This became even more important during the pandemic. Teams around the world launched programs and initiatives designed to support employee health and well-being, including the twice-daily, on-site stretching program, Flexi Power Yoga, for staff at our Manesar site and the digital “Fit & Hungrig” (“Fit & Hungry”) campaign, which brought employees together to take part in virtual workouts, rolled out by Dentsply Sirona DACH.

We launched our global Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in 2020 as a well-being resource, free of charge for employees and their families. The confidential, easily accessible service provides 24/7 support through a variety of channels in multiple languages. Our EAP provider, Workplace Options, is an independent party bound by professional standards regarding confidentiality and does not disclose any information shared by individuals who have contacted the service unless the individual poses a risk to themselves or others.

All our employee health and well-being activities are supported by robust health and safety programs at site level and by our Environmental Health and Safety Management System, including policies and global standards,
training, and culture.

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