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Most endodontic, orthodontic, and implant consumables can be purchased online. You must register with to purchase items sold on

Some of the items available through our online catalog must be purchased through a Dentsply Sirona sales representative. This includes all equipment and machines.

To request a consultation with a sales representative, please click here.

To order online, you need a account. Once your account is verified, you may place online orders.

To learn how to register an account, click here.

Currently, the bill is only sent to your email address and in paper format in the package of your order. You cannot download the invoice in PDF format on the website, but you can see the order details in your account. You can see the details of each past order if you click on the order number in your account and order history.

You must be logged in to see prices. To create an account, click here.

If you’re logged in and a price is unavailable, that product must be ordered through Customer Service. You can do this by clicking the Call button or contacting Customer Service.

You can use the search functionality in shop by entering a product name, product category, SKU number or brand name.

The search bar automatically displays product suggestions based on the name or brand entered. Results are dynamically showing the more you add to the search term.

If you don’t know the product name or number, you can simply search for the product category (e.g., drills or precision drill). You will then see all products belonging to that searched term.

If you know your old product number, you can enter it in the search bar. The search results will return the new corresponding product number.

If you cannot find your desired product, our search results will provide suggestions in the dropdown. To find an exact match, click on the magnifying glass to see all results.

To refine your search, you can use the filters on the page's left side, such as filter by procedure. Click on the dropdown to see the filter options. 

You can remove a filter by unchecking the box or clicking the 'X' symbol next to the filter selected.

If you don't know what product you are looking for, hover over Shop in the navigation system and search for a specific category or brand. You will receive an overview of your chosen category or brand and can use the filters to restrict the results.

After selecting the desired product variant on the product detail page, you can add it to your favorites by clicking the button next to the quantity selector above the Add to Cart button. 

You can find your favorites in your account, or you can use the Quick Links dropdown.

We offer to pre-fill the favorites with your most purchased products. Fill out the form here to agree.

To place a quick order, click on your name in the upper right corner and select “Quick Orders” in the dropdown.

SKU Lookup

Enter the SKU in the search bar and click Enter to search the entire product catalog. Once you have found the desired product, you can choose the amount and add it to the cart.


Import Excel File

To import an Excel sheet with your products and the amounts, enter the article number in a column and the amount in a separate column. After you choose your file to upload (in xls or xlsx format only), you need to specify the columns in the quick order table in which the product information and the amount lines are included. For example, if you entered the products (article numbers) in the first column, enter “A” in the Products field. If you entered the amounts in the second column, enter “B” in the Amount field. If your Excel file has article names in the third column, the Text field is optional.


Copy & Paste

Enter desired products and quantities separated by spaces or pipes ("|"). The products you selected will show up in the My Cart section and you can proceed to checkout immediately.


You can use the quick link under the name dropdown, or you can also find the quick order functionality under My Account.

You can find your last orders in the Order History section. It can be accessed from your account or Quick Links.

You can always find your shipment statuses for any online orders in the Order Tracking section in your account.

Every order has a button in the right upper corner to track the package. It will turn active, once the tracking number has been provided by the shipping provider. By clicking the button, you will reach the page of the shipping provider where you can see the status of your order.