High Speed Air Advantages

Smooth, knurled or diamond patterned grips

Striving to provide you with the ultimate tactile touch, the Midwest grips are designed to enhance your control.

Improved bearings with DLC options

Choose from ceramic bearings set or Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coated bearings in the Phoenix series.

Chip air and water outside the head for lower turbulence and noise

Unbelievably low noise output as a result of the 4-nozzle spray design.

Integrated anti-retraction valve on water line

Designed for protection against cross contamination

The best possible high speed quality - Made in Bensheim, Germany

"Made in Bensheim, Germany" - This is Dentsply Sirona's continually renewed brand promise of making customer satisfaction the uppermost priority. Our people strive each day to infuse the quality that will keep your business running smoothly.

Midwest Tradition® - Standard Proven Reliability

The most substantial performance upgrade in 30 years, the new Tradition and Tradition Pro feature a new rotor and ceramic bearing set that provide significant power upgrades without requiring additional air pressure. This makes integrating into your current inventory of handpieces easier than ever. All new solid glass fiber optics are designed to resist yellowing and improve light transmission. An improved lever chuck version had been completely redesigned for ease of operation and long-term safety

Midwest® Stylus Plus - Plus Added Performance

Stay in control with the Midwest Stylus® Plus. Dynamic Speed Control in the head limits free speed to protect bearings against excessive RPMs at higher pressures. This also translates to lower noise without impacting peak cutting power.

Midwest® Stylus Plus Mini - Improved Grip and Shorter Head to Allow Deeper Access

Shorter head allows for extended bur projection to help with deeper preparations. Patented dimple-and-flat grip design aids tactile feel, index positioning and control.

Midwest® Phoenix series - Premier Pinnacle of Design

Only Midwest offers patented Dynamic Speed Control that limits free speed, but does not limit power. Tuned air flow in the head manages rotor speed to help protect bearings and limit noise generation, even at higher psi.

Midwest Air Repair


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