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OSSIX Agile™ from Dentsply Sirona


Why Choose OSSIX Agile™?

A Reliable Membrane:

Lasting Barrier 

  • Prolonged barrier function of 4–6 months*
  • Greater resistance to degradation

GLYMATRIX® Technology 

  • Cross-linking by sugar, a naturally occurring agent
  • Excellent tissue response and predictability
  • Proven safety and performance
  • Biocompatible with low risk of immunogenic reaction 

Easy Handling:

  • Conforms well to tissue, defect, or graft
  • Can be applied on both sides of the membrane
  • The tissue membrane features convenient handling compatible with a range of fixation methods, using sutures, screws or tacks
  • High tensile strength
  • Easy to trim
  • Does not stick to itself

Step by Step – How to use OSSIX Agile™

Please refer to OSSIX Agile™ Instructions for Use for full information on indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.


GLYMATRIX® technology mimics the natural collagen cycle in our body, a natural biochemical

process called glycation. A key stage of the technology utilizes naturally occurring nontoxic sugar to cross-link collagen molecules, facilitating the longevity and the resistance to exposure that characterize OSSIX® regenerative solutions.

GLYMATRIX® is what powers OSSIX® products for guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR).

The difference lies in the source material – OSSIX® Plus is manufactured from reconstituted type I collagen molecules, and OSSIX Agile™ is manufactured from decellularized porcine pericardium (collagen type I and III). Both membranes are cross-linked with ribose – a naturally occurring sugar which is a key element of the GLYMATRIX® technology. OSSIX Agile™ is a long-lasting membrane, with excellent handling properties that can be fixated to the implantation site by suturing, screwing or tacking. With OSSIX® Plus, periosteal sutures are mostly recommended OVER the membrane to keep the membrane intact.

OSSIX® Plus has been in clinical use since 2006, with hundreds of thousands of cases already performed around the globe, supported by dozens of clinical trials and publications, for a variety of GBR and GTR procedures, while the clinical use of OSSIX Agile™ clinical is now undergoing its first steps.

No, OSSIX Agile™ is “side agnostic” and can be used on both sides.

OSSIX Agile™ is of natural origin. Therefore, the collagen structure can be slightly wavy, and the membrane thickness and size may vary slightly. These phenomena do not affect the quality or functionality of the membrane.

The animal study conducted with OSSIX Agile™ showed the product’s long term barrier effect (4-6 months) with adequate healing of soft tissue. The study demonstrated that OSSIX Agile™ prevents ingrowth of epithelial tissue into the augmented site and supports bone and regeneration.

References: Data on file


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