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WaveOne Gold Reciprocating Files


Why choose WaveOne Gold files for your endo?

One short sequence for most of your cases¹

WaveOne Gold Glider (015 / 2%) and WaveOne Gold Primary file (025 / 7%)

Simple to use and easy to adopt

Short learning curve² and good control of instrument progression³


Halves shaping time⁴, zeros out reprocessing & documentation and optimal cutting efficiency⁵

Safety. A priority.

Forgiving due to reciprocating motion and gold heat treatment. Up to 200 scientific studies and more than 30 million treated cases

Simplicity for you, safety for patients

Additional products

To complete your endodontic experience, WaveOne Gold files can be combined with the following products for efficient cleaning and biocompatible seal:

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference is the file type. ProTaper Gold is a rotary file system based on a multiple file sequence and WaveOne Gold is a reciprocate file system based on a single file sequence.  

All files:

  • short 11mm handle for improved accessibility in posterior teeth
  • Available working lengths: 21mm, 25mm, 31mm.

WaveOne Gold Glider File size:

  • 015, 02 Variable Taper

WaveOne Gold Reciprocating File sizes:

  • Small: 020 – variable taper 7%
  • Primary: 025 – variable taper 7% (recommended for most root canals)
  • Medium: 035 – variable taper 6%

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1. Single glide path file and single shaping file in most of the cases

2. User evaluation

3. vs. WaveOne

4. vs. ProTaper Universal

5. Higher cutting efficiency than WaveOne and cutting efficiency preserved thanks to single-use

*Compared to WaveOne

**Internal laboratory testing results. For more information, please contact