Dental Membranes as Biological and Mechanical Barriers

One of the keys to success in implant dentistry is osseointegration. However, this goal of new bone formation and intimate adaptation with the implant can be impeded by the more rapidly proliferating epithelial cells that are not involved in bone formation. Two types of dental membranes are available to function as biological and mechanical barriers to these epithelial cells and enhance the crucial structural and functional integration of living bone to the load-bearing implant.

Dentsply Sirona is committed to excellence in implant dentistry and offer products for healthy hard and soft tissue regeneration that are safe, easy to use, consistent, and promote bone formation for long-term outcomes.

Symbios Membranes

For bone and soft tissue generation, Symbios offers a comprehensive portfolio for whatever challenges you face in periodontics, oral surgery, and implant dentistry. Barrier membranes are a part of the portfolio used in guided bone regeneration. GBR membranes, as well as GTR membranes, augment implant success by promoting bone and periodontal ligament growth while hindering fibrous tissue formation. As an exception, Symbios PerioDerm Acellular Dermis is used to treat facial recession defects.

OSSIX Membranes

The OSSIX range of dental membranes includes a resilient resorbable collagen membrane (OSSIX PLUS) and volumizing thick, collagen scaffold (OSSIX VOLUMAX).