Facts and Data

Dr. Patel opened her approx. 325 square meter practice in 2013. Since then, she has been treating on average more than 5,000 active patients per year. At the moment, there are six fully equipped treatment rooms available, with two more treatment rooms coming in the future. CEREC restorations are produced in a practice laboratory. The patients are very welcome to watch as their restorations are being milled. Dr. Patel is currently supported by a second practitioner, two dental hygienists, two assistants and two practice managers in reception. An additional "Doctor of Dental Science" along with a third dental hygienist are also soon to be employed.

What Patients can Expect

Bayshore Dental provides the complete range of dental treatments, from hygiene to full mouth rehabilitation, which includes implantology, endodontics, periodontology, pediatric dentistry, smaller oral and maxillofacial procedures, aesthetic dentistry and CAD/CAM-aided production of dental restorations among other treatments.

What Patients can Rely On

Bayshore Dental is a model practice for the leading dental technologies - primarily equipped with innovations from Dentsply Sirona, including two Teneo and four Intego Pro Ambidextrous, CEREC, the digital combination of CBCT and pan X-ray Orthophos XG 3D, Schick sensors, Sidexis software as well as straight and contra-angle handpieces.

What it Looks Like

Dr. Patel's practice is a successful example of the synthesis of high-tech and nature. For work and life. The dentist has realized her vision of a practice with an inviting and reassuring ambience. Modern synthetic materials and glass provide a successful connection with natural objects made of grained wood. The surfaces are smooth, but they radiate warmth. With a reduced range of colors consisting of white and gray tones, a base set of colors that creates a "modern spa ambience" has been created. Fresh lime green color accents can be seen in the window frames and in the logo of the practice. It would be futile to search for cluttering or unsettling decorative elements in the Bayshore Dental practice.

"If we expect our patients to trust in high treatment standards, then we also have to express this high level of quality in all aspects of the practice. We express our diligence and our personality in the design and in the personal touches of the practice to convey to the patients that we will do our best for them. We will receive trust if we are genuine. My practice is an expression of my personality and it says: What you see is what you get."

Dr. Patel

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