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Symbios – solutions for all your regenerative needs

The comprehensive portfolio for guided bone and soft tissue regeneration provides ease of use and safety for dental clinicians and their patients.

Symbios consists of a full range of reliable bone graft materials, resorbable and non-resorbable membranes and instruments. Designed for the widest range of dental surgery and implant needs, these solutions promote bone formation, volume and stability for predictable, long-term outcomes that patients and dental professionals can rely on.

Bone graft materials

For defects affecting the bone quantity of your patients, bone graft material can help you create new bone or remodel existing ridges. The Symbios product line includes xenograft, allograft and synthetic bone graft material developed to deliver the bone regeneration results you want to achieve.

Xenograft bone graft material

The osteoconductive hydroxylapatite in xenograft bone regeneration material – analogous to the hydroxylapatite of natural bone – is derived from non-human donors. Xenograft bone graft serves as a framework upon which bone from the surrounding area can grow to fill the defect.

Symbios OsteoGraf N

Natural anorganic bovine-derived microporous hydroxylapatite. 

  • Cell-mediated resorption.
  • Hydrophilic – cohesive consistency when hydrated.
  • Remodels to vital bone at the same rate as host bone.
  • Effective composite bone replacement graft material with autologous bone and/or DFDBA.

Allograft bone graft material

Symbios allograft solutions come in different tissue forms, including both mineralized and demineralized particulate, as well as an ready-to-use demineralized putty with a high 93% by volume bone content. 

DBX Putty Demineralized Bone Matrix

DBX Putty Demineralized Bone Matrix offers the highest bone content, optimal osteoinductivity and exceptional handling characteristics when compared to other DBM products.

  • High demineralized bone content – 93% by volume.
  • DBX sodium hyaluronate carrier is a safe and natural substance found in the joints and ocular fluids of the human body.
  • Non-hemolytic – compatible with surrounding blood cells.
  • pH balanced.

Symbios Cancellous Powder

Mineralized Cancellous Powder integrates with natural bone for predictable outcomes. It is easy to handle and hydrate. And because it comes from the world’s leading tissue bank, you can use this cancellous particulate product with confidence:

  • 100% Cancellous Bone.
  • 212–850 microns particle size.

Symbios Cortical Powder

  • Available in mineralized and demineralized granules.
  • 212–850 microns particle size. 

Symbios Demineralized and Mineralized Cortical & Cancellous Granules

Cortical/Cancellous Granule is available in mineralized and demineralized particulates:

  • 80% Cortical / 20% Cancellous.
  • Mineralized range of particle size: 0.2-1.0mm or 0.1–2.0mm.
  • Demineralized range of particle size: 0.2-1.0mm or 0.5–3.0mm.

Synthetic bone graft material

Symbios synthetic bone products are 100% pure synthetic hydroxylapatite in two different densities that can be successfully used in dental applications where maintenance of bulk and contour of the restoration and the ridge is needed.

Symbios OsteoGraf LD-300

Low-density hydroxylapatite bone graft material:
  • Readily available source of calcium for bone regeneration.
  • Low-density, 100% pure synthetic hydroxylapatite.
  • Solution-mediated resorption.
  • Hydrophilic – cohesive consistency when hydrated.
  • Maintains alveolar bone for ridge preservation.
  • Inexpensive, resorbable bone filling material.
  • Socket preservation.

Symbios OsteoGraf D

Supporting matrix for bone and/or connective tissue deposition:
  • Dense, 100% pure synthetic hydroxylapatite. 
  • Non-porous, non-resorbable permanent graft material.
  • Atrophic ridges can be augmented in both height and dimension.
  • Maintains augmented dimension for esthetic or prosthetic support. 
  • Reduces resorption rate of underlying bone.
Available in two particle sizes D-300 (250-420 microns) and D-700 (420-1000 microns)

Symbios OsteoGraf Syringe

  • Unfilled Syringes Delivery System.


GBR/GTR membranes

A dental membrane is used to stabilize and contain the defect by preventing gingival tissues from infiltrating the site. As an exception, Symbios PerioDerm Acellular Dermis is used to treat facial recession defects.

Resorbable membranes

The Symbios resorbable dental membranes help provide a framework for cellular ingrowth and vascularization, guide bone healing, and prevent cellular and bacterial infiltration. Resorbable membranes are designed to be absorbed, eliminating the need for surgical removal.

Symbios PerioDerm Acellular Dermis

Symbios PerioDerm Acellular Dermis is minimally processed to remove epidermal and dermal cells while preserving the extra-cellular matrix. SYMBIOS PerioDerm Acellular Dermis undergoes a three phase process that gently cleans, decellularizes and disinfects without cross-linking or compromising the integrity of the dermal matrix. Read case report

PerioDerm Acellular Dermis has been shown to support the migration of host cells from wound margins and surrounding tissues. Each PerioDerm graft is aseptically processed and packaged in Class 10 (certified) clean rooms at MTF’s state-of-the-art dermis processing facility:

  • Rehydrates quickly (3–5 minutes). 
  • Freeze-dried (no refrigeration required).
  • Over 90% thickness consistency for uniform revascularization.
  • No cross-linking.


Osteoshield Collagen Resorbable Membrane

This resorbable tissue matrix made from Type-I bovine collagen Achilles tendon for use in dental surgery procedures, in the area of a implant, bone defect or ridge reconstruction:

  • Longer, predictable 26- to 38-week resorption time.
  • Manufactured from highly purified Type-I bovine Achilles tendon for safety.
  • Multi-layer construction guides healing of bone and surrounding tissue while inner layers help prevent cellular and bacterial down growth.
  • Unique fiber orientation provides for unusually high tensile strength and for stable performance with sutures or resorbable tacks.
  • Optimized flexibility allows for excellent wet handling, while still allowing maintenance of space.
  • Either side may be placed on the site.


Non-resorbable membranes

When you need greater strength and stability, a non-resorbable dental membrane is your solution. Non-resorbable dental membranes can be adapted and shaped depending on your needs. Similar to resorbable dental membranes, non-resorbable membranes are also effective against bacterial invasion.

Symbios OsteoShield titanium-reinforced non-resorbable membrane

This titanium-reinforced membrane for use with large defects, two- or three-walled defects or where space making is required. It has all the benefits of Symbios OsteoShield d-PTFE Non-resorbable Membrane plus:

  • Self-supporting titanium reinforcement which helps create additional space, especially in defects with deficient bony architecture.
  • Titanium reinforcement prevents folding or wrinkling allowing for easy placement.
  • Grade 1 titanium has little to no memory, making shaping of the membrane very easy.


Symbios OsteoShield d-PTFE Non-Resorbable Membrane

Non-resorbable, yet easily removable, d-PTFE membrane for use with extraction site grafting, large bony defects and where primary closure is not possible or desired:
  • Primary closure is not required – this membrane is virtually impervious to bacteria, resulting in minimal risk of bacterial invasion.
  • By avoiding releasing incisions and primary closure, soft tissue architecture is maintained, keratinized mucosa is preserved and minimal flap reflection or dissection is required.
  • The exposed membrane may be easily removed non-surgically.
  • Medical grade d-PTFE is biocompatible and non-reactive.
  • Micro-machined surface texture facilitates cell adhesion, enhances membrane stability, reduces flap retraction and increases pullout strength.


Dental bone graft instruments & accessories 

Symbios offers a selection of instruments to support your bone regeneration processes. Included are solutions for harvesting your patients own bone (autologous bone graft material) and preparing bone blocks and access windows.

Efficiency is one key in providing a quick and atraumatic patient experience, and reducing the risk of adverse events. The Symbios instrument portfolio has been developed to increase the success of your bone grafting and regeneration procedures.

Frios MicroSaw Set

Fast and atraumatic preparation of bone blocks and access windows:

  • High precision 0.29 mm MicroSaw disc constructed to produce an accurate osteotomy line.
  • Fast – rapid work with the Frios straight and contra-angle handpieces. Even for the most difficult anatomical situations.
  • Easy – with the Frios angled handpiece the exact preparation can be made in the retromolar region, even with restricted mouth opening.
  • Atraumatic – the hinged soft tissue protector is easy to attach and to remove again. Direct blade cooling prevents overheating during the procedure.
  • Proven – in clinical use since 1986.

Frios BoneCollector

Harvesting vital bone chips in parallel with the preparation of the implant site:

  • Only one procedure –implant placement and harvesting of valuable, vital bone chips.
  • Gentle on your patients – no second operation site required.
  • Material – casing and filter made from pure, medical grade titanium.
  • Prevents contamination – use of a second aspirator during the procedure.
  • Sterilizable – the Frios BoneCollector can be sterilized; suction tube and titanium filter are single use items.


Harvesting vital bone chips in parallel with the preparation of the dental implant site:

  • Simplifies the procedure of collecting and using autologous bone.
  • Eliminates immunological reactions associated with bone substitute materials.
  • Reduces the need for costly artificial material.
  • Saves time – delivered sterile and is disposable.