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CAD/CAM materials

Lab consolidation has created an intensely competitive environment, making it more critical than ever to maximize two key components of a successful lab: speed and quality.

The Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics product portfolio eliminates the trade-off between efficiency and aesthetics with simpler to use CAD/CAM materials that produce high-quality outcomes at a pace and workfl ow that keeps your business successful.

Digital Materials Brochure

New: Cercon® xt – extra translucent zirconia

Makes you smile

Cercon xt demonstrates extra high translucency in all 16 VITA* shades with True Color Technology:

  • Extra high translucency and unparalleled shade accuracy allows life-like esthetics especially for the anterior region (flexural strength: 750 MPa) and complements the Cercon product portfolio.
  • Saves processing time and increases productivity (no need to dip, to stain or to veneer)

Cercon ht

The new zirconia standard for color accuracy:
True Color Technology

Cercon ht with True Color Technology sets new standards for zirconia when it comes to reproducing the classic Vita shades. Cercon ht provides the highest level of color accuracy based on our decades of know-how in ceramic shade-matching, our specially selected pigments and our own mixing and shade formulations – and that for almost all popular “open” milling units.

Celtra Duo for the lab

Zirconia reinforced lithium silicate (ZLS) – a unique microstructure provides excellent optical and mechanical properties.

  • The extraordinary qualities of the Celtra Duo CAD/CAM blocks will make the difference in your dental laboratory:
    Unparalleled combination of esthetics and high strength (natural opalescence and translucency, stable margins)
  • Excellent VITA shade matching and surprising chameleon effect
    (making shade blending easy with adjacent dentition)
  • Dual path processing (MILL and POLISH: 210 MPa or MILL and FIRE 370 MPa)

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Provisional PMMA

Primarily for provisional use in complex restorations or when a long healing period is required before the permanent restoration is placed.

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PMMA and Wax Disks

Ideal for precise casting or pressing of metal and all-ceramic frameworks.

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