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High Strengh Glass Ceramics

Celtra Zironcia-reinforced lithium silicate, ZLS. The new generation of high strength glass ceramic.

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Nature is our model for beauty and aesthetics; it has a creative freedom which makes it interesting to observe and characterises the individual. However, it allows neither symmetry nor chaos. Beauty arises from tiny nuances which are created by the refraction and reflection of light, only to disappear again in an instant. The dynamics of light also develop in a natural tooth: light and different perspectives create a natural, vivid interchange of colours between opalescence and natural fluorescence.

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Precious alloys are universally applicable and continue to constitute the foundation of restorative dentistry. Precious alloys are characterized by an unmatched more than 50 years of clinical success, making them the gold standard against which all alternative framework materials must compete. With our gold standards, even the most sophisticated users will find the right solution for any indication and any need.
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Equipment for Ceramics

Dentsply Sirona Prothetics completes the needs of any dental laboratory by providing equipment essential to any process, from burnout ovens to VLC curing units for fixed or removable prosthetics.

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