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Vitallium Partial Denture System

A very rich history.....

The Vitallium success story started in 1932, when Reiner Erdle, a German dental technician, composed a miracle partial denture alloy after years of research, which was patented under the name Vitallium.

The production of dental restorations is still its primary use. However, over the years, there have been a number of other specialized applications based on the unique features and qualities of this extraordinary alloy. Not only has it been used as a very biocompatible material for the production of implants to replace elbow and hip joints, but the first American Jet engines also took off with rotor blades made from Vitallium.

… and still the industry standard

More than eighty years of experience in a wide range of applications proves the reliability of this material and makes Vitallium the industry standard. Dentist and dental laboratories alike know and trust the Vitallium line of products. Vitallium continues to be the industry leader by which all others compare themselves!

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Vitallium 2000 and Vitallium 2000 Plus Alloys

Vitallium 2000 is a premium partial denture system, featuring two alloy formulations, Vitallium 2000 and Vitallium 2000 Plus, with advanced physical properties for improved handling characteristics.

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  • Superior Strength - The high fracture resistance of Vitallium 2000 alloys enables dental laboratories to fabricate lighter, more refined partials for improved esthetics and greater patient comfort.
  • Predictability and Precise Fit - Vitallium 2000 alloys have a higher elongation value than the original Vitallium alloy, resulting in a partial framework that permits predictable adjustments with unprecedented fracture resistance. Quite simply, Vitallium 2000 alloys adjust like gold with no fear of deformation for a precise fit.
  • High Surface Luster - Vitallium alloys maintain a high luster and resist plaque. This ensures that patients can easily and effectively clean their partial dentures.
  • Biocompatibility - Vitallium alloys are nickel and beryllium-free.

The Vitallium 2000 Investment System is designed for Vitallium 2000 alloys. The investment is a high-grade ethyl-silicate product formulated to provide consistent and uniform expansion for producing accurate fitting cast partial frameworks.

Vitallium 2000 RS Investment System is a rapid set ethyl-silicate investment formulated to match the high quality of Vitallium 2000 and Vitallium 2000 Plus partial denture alloys. Its quicker setting time of 20 – 30 minutes allows the dental laboratory to produce more cases per day.

V.R. Investment is a high-grade ethylsilicate investment of specific particle size formulated to provide consistent, uniform expansion to promote the accurate fit of Vitallium alloy partial dentures.

Oxyplus is an oxyphosphate investment which can be used with a concentrated expansion liquid to obtain precision fit. Burnout can be in either a gas or electric furnace.


Duplicating Material

Polyflex is a reversible hydrocolloid material to be used for duplicating any model in stone or phosphate investments and can also be used with ethyl-silicate investments.

Duplicating Material

Perflex is a chemically balanced, durable duplicating material designed to work with V.R. investment to provide accurate refractory models. It is recommended to use Protective Coat on the Perflex mold in order to assure a smooth surface on the refractory model.

All Purpose Protective Coat assures a smooth surface on the refractory model when applied to the Perflex mold. Additionally, it is used as a paint-on coating for the Austenal partial denture patterns prior to investing.

The Austenal Flexseal Patterns are preformed to exacting sizes with uniform dimensions and maintain the high standards of form and function required of Vitallium partial denture alloy castings. The patterns are tacky and made from a material that displays excellent memory. They are available in a comprehensive assortment of size and design allowing for fast, accurate wax-ups of Vitallium restorations.