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The difference is in the details

Most of what any treatment is about is to keep the flow intact. For that you need a treatment center whose functions are meticulously adapted to your workflow - and not the other way around. So Teneo comes to your treatment room with an extensive range of functions already implemented. The user interface is fully customizable to let you apply the full range of treatment modalities.

Teneo is ideally preconfigured with a generous user interface, 6+1 customizable instrument positions and numerous aids for your patient communication. With one keystroke it is perfectly suitable for endodontic or implant procedures.

You want total freedom - Teneo is flexible

Integrated treatment functions for implantology and endodontics make setup times unnecessary, since additional table equipment is no longer required. All functions can be controlled with the foot switch. This allows a smooth transition between patient examination, education, and treatment. Numerous additional functions such as the ApexLocator or Implant Terminal in Sidexis 4 make Teneo the expert solution for every treatment situation.


Precise torque control, the ApexLocator, and the unique file library streamline your workflow while offering maximum clinical safety. The only control you need is the Teneo foot switch. Teneo supports all current reciprocating file systems, such as Wave One, Wave One Gold, Reciproc, and Reciproc blue.


Adjust Teneo to your specific needs manually or select an implant system from the integrated library. Important parameters such as speed, torque, and coolant flow are always under your control - efficient, sterile, and hands-free.

You want to be better in every detail - Teneo offers more

Teneo with its thoughtful details has everything you need to work perfectly in every situation.
From a generously sized user interface to the flexible configuration of instrument positions, Teneo makes all the difference.

7" EasyTouch display

The large touchscreen ensures intuitive and self-explanatory operation. It is customizable and upgradeable. In easy mode, it shows only those functions you need at any given time. Navigate safely and easily throughout the entire treatment.

6+1 instrument positions

Well-arranged and well-organized central tools and controls: Six instrument positions allow you to configure the treatment center, giving you even more ways adapt it to your requirements. The camera can be optionally placed on an auxiliary storage tray position.

SiroCam AF+

Optimize the visualization and documentation of your treatment: The SiroCam AF+ combines excellent image quality with easy operation. The image is displayed on the 22" monitor in high definition quality.

LEDview Plus

LEDview Plus provides a perfect mixture of light intensity, light color, and light field size. With the integrated composite mode, light-curing filling materials can be processed at your own speed without premature hardening. The operating light can be optimally positioned and controlled hands-free via a sensor. Also available as ceiling light or as LEDview Plus/Heliodent Plus ceiling combination.

You're building trust - Teneo helps you

Close communication with the patient is essential for first-class treatment results. A transparent treatment process contributes significantly to patient loyalty. Teneo allows clearly visualized on-site consultations, stores individual patient positions and thereby helps build trust in your operations.

Good advice from Teneo

Sivision monitor

Use the integrated monitor to display intraoral images, 3D x-ray images or presentations using the patient communication menu.

Patient communication

Create a trust-based relationship by explaining the treatment process to make the patient to understand the procedure and to reduce patient anxiety.

Intraoral camera

Explain and document the treatment success with the SiroCam AF+ intraoral camera - of course with excellent high-quality images.

Discover more about Teneo


Find out what "Innovation in perfect harmony" can mean for you.

Treatment redefined

With its automatic and motorized options, Teneo responds directly to your needs.

Exceptional comfort

Teneo's comfortable technology helps you to meet the individual needs of your patients.

Equipment options

Teneo is more than a dental treatment center. It is an expression of your individuality.

Teneo - Integrated Implantology

Learn more about the integrated implantology workflow with Teneo

Dentsply Sirona Treatment Centers set new standards for...


Discover how comprehensive treatment comfort can help you to preserve your health - for the long-term success of your practice.

Infection prevention

To ensure the highest hygiene standards, we developed an integrated infection prevention concept that makes safety simple.


The unique design, perfectly combining aesthetics and function, is what makes our Treatment Centers instantly recognizable.

Digital workflows

As the pacemaker of the industry, we develop innovative digital solutions for clinical processes and patient communication that support your dental workflows.

Reach out for more information

Find out more about Treatment Centers from Dentsply Sirona by requesting further product information. We would be pleased to get in touch.


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Our product services are available to answer technical questions from customers and authorized dealers in German and English from Monday to Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (CEST).


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To help us respond as quickly as possible to your inquiry please indicate the general scope of your inquiry in the subject line of your e-mail or fax: “product order” or “spare parts”.

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