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Lexicon Hand Files

When selecting your endodontic instruments, you need quality instruments that will deliver efficient, predictable and safe outcomes for your patients. 

Lexicon K-Files
Lexicon Barbed Broach
Lexicon C-File
Lexicon FlexNTK
Lexicon FlexSSK
Lexicon Hedstrom
Lexicon K-Reamer

Other Hand Files

Extensive research has gone into our offering of access and hand instruments. Each hand file is manufactured to our demanding quality specifications.

ProFile ISO
ProFile Series 29
ProTaper Universal

Glide Path Files

Optimize your shaping preparation with a single reciprocating glide path file that is part of the WaveOne Gold solution.  The WaveOne Gold Glide Path File respects the natural shape of the canal, increases patient safety with enhanced flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue and is sterile and ready for single use, which preserves cutting efficiency, reduces breakage and prevents cross contamination.

WaveOne Gold Glide Path Files

ProTaper Rotary Files

ProTaper Gold’s visibly advanced metallurgy creates a difference you can see – and feel. That’s because ProTaper Gold rotary files feature the same exact geometries as ProTaper Universal, but offer an increase in flexibility. This is especially important in the Finishing Files, when navigating challenging curves in the apical region.

You can also count on the same ProTaper efficiency and variable taper performance you know and trust in PROTAPER NEXT. It’s everything you love about the original ProTaper, with added refinements to improve performance. 

ProTaper Gold
ProTaper Next
ProTaper Universal
ProTaper Universal Retreatment

Vortex Rotary Files

Known for their shape memory, standard NiTi files continually try to revert to their original straight state. The proprietary processing of Vortex Blue rotary files reduces shape memory. Once in the canal, Vortex Blue follows the natural curvature of the tooth.

Vortex Orifice Openers

GT and ProFile Rotary Files

GT Series X
ProFile ISO
ProFile Series 29
ProFile Orifice Opener

WaveOne Gold Reciprocating Files

Since its launch in 2011, WaveOne Reciprocation set a new standard in root canal shaping – allowing most cases to be shaped safely and efficiently with a single file. And now, that standard continues as WaveOne evolves into WaveOne Gold.

WaveOne Gold

TRUShape 3D Conforming Files

TRUShape 3D Conforming Files are the next evolution in cleaning and shaping the complex canal anatomy. They allow you to preserve more dentinal structure while removing pulp and debris along the entire root canal. And they provide advantages to cleaning a root canal system compared to conventional instrumentation techniques with ISO rotary files. 

TRUShape Orifice Modifier