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With industry-defining composite materials and a long history of clinically-proven results that have seen hundreds-of-millions of restoration applications, Dentsply Sirona continues to be a leader in the composite market.  Backed by innovation and dental industry expertise Dentsply Sirona was the first manufacture to offer a low stress bulk fill flowable and a dual viscosity, simplified shading universal composite.


SureFil SDR flow+ posterior Bulk Fill Flowable Base represents a major evolution.  It is the first bulk fill flowable base that makes procedures easier and faster while providing long-lasting results.  The biggest difference is SDR Technology.  It reduces polymerization stress by up to 60%, allowing for a 4mm bulk fill. Nothing could be simpler.  Except for, perhaps, the fact that SureFil SDR flow+ is the only flowable that self-levels, providing excellent cavity adaptation without any manipulation.

All flowable composites shrink. And while SureFil SDR flow+ material shrinks less than other leading flowables, the real breakthrough is in achieving significantly reduced polymerization stress. SDR Technology optimizes the way that the polymer network is formed while curing, reducing the polymerization stress caused by polymers that become too taut. SureFil SDR flow+ material streamlines your procedure, saving up to 40% in placement time.

Advanced SDR resin matrix chemistry significantly lowers stress. SDR technology has a unique chemical structure that incorporates a polymerization modulator that leads to a more relaxed network to form than in conventional light-cured polymerization, resulting in a stress reduction by up to 60%.

SureFil SDR flow+ material is like no other. Because of SDR Technology.
    • Allows you to bulk fill a flowable base
    • Excellent adaptation to cavity walls

SureFil SDR flow+ reduces polymerization stress by up to 60% compared to traditional flowable composites.  With SDR Technology, a "Polymerization Modulator" was chemically embedded in the polymerizable resin backbone of the SDR resin monomer.  Based on scientific evidence gathered to date, the "Polymerization Modulator" in SDR resin use of the Polymerization Modulator, the SDR resin forms a more relaxed network and provides significantly lower polymerization stress than any other conventional resin.

Universal Composites

TPH Spectra provides your preferred composite handling without the aggravating techniques required to overcome handling obstacles associated with currently marketed composites.  Whether you prefer a spreadable or packable handling, TPH Spectra has you handling preference covered with TPH Spectra LV (Low Viscosity) and TPH Spectra HV (High Viscosity).

The new shading system for TPH Spectra provides 7 VITA based shades that cover the entire VITA shade system.  This reduction in shades allows you to carry fewer inventories in your office and be confident that the chameleon shading ability of the composite will blend it in to the surrounding tooth structure making the restoration indistinguishable.

Simplified Shading

A strong chameleon blending effect can make shade matching easier. TPH Spectra composite can streamline inventory and the shade selection process while delivering an esthetic match patients will love.

79% of dentists are needlessly stocking shades outside of the TPH Spectra 7

Excellent Stain Resistance

Stain resistance is another area in which TPH Spectra composite simply works better.6 A stain resistant composite will keep your patients happy with long-term results.

57% of dentists frequently see staining on composite restorations at recall appointments.

Preferred Handling

Every clinician is unique and so are their composite handling preferences. TPH Spectra composite accommodates preference and technique to save time and frustration during placement. Chairtime efficiency impacts procedure profitability.

2 out of 3 doctors preferred TPH Spectra composite in a blind handling challenge.

Esthet•X HD Micro-Matrix Restorative is setting a new standard in esthetic direct restorations.  With a smaller filler particle size and precise particle distribution, Esthet•X HD delivers optimized handling for confidence and control, plus a stunning polish in less time.

Esthet•X HD TruMatch Shade Guide

The Esthet•X HD TruMatch Shade Guide is designed to allow the operator to “start with the end in mind” in order to create beautiful and natural restorations and smile reconstructions.

Each shade tab replicates the blending of Esthet•X HD Opaque Dentin Shades, Regular Body Shades and Translucent Enamel Shades. The Shade Guide tabs can be used like a cookbook with recipes. Choose the shade that best matches the patient’s dentition and refer to the “recipe” on the back of the Shade Guide or on the shade tab. Now you can see what esthetic results are possible before you start the restoration.

The Esthet•X HD TruMatch Shade Guide is designed to be versatile. If you are restoring small cavities that require less buildup, the shade tabs provide the operator with a guide to choose a regular “body” shade. If the patient’s natural dentition is primarily A2, then the Esthet•X HD A2 Regular Body Shade will provide the best match. Esthet•X HD’s versatility allows it to be used with the single shade or multiple shade technique to it can accommodate simple and complex restorations.

Filler Technology

The heart of Esthet•X HD’s spectacular performance is microscopically small: a unique resin matrix and the precisely controlled distribution of its reduced-size glass filler particles. These technological advancements combine to enable a brilliant luster in less working time while increasing the gloss and longevity of your final polished restoration.

Polish Esthet•X HD to the luster of a microfill, but take advantage of the excellent physical properties of an advanced microhybrid – in all Esthet•X HD shades.

Esthet•X HD boasts nano-filler particles that precisely control size and distribution for a high polish in only 15 seconds.

  • Sculptable handling and workability for realistic results
  • Easy and quick polishing for brilliant results and excellent durability
  • High fracture toughness, excellent radiopacity and wear properties that rival natural enamel
  • Outstanding results for all cavity classifications and for single- or multiple-shade restorations