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As a high-demand field in the dental industry, preventive dentistry requires a high patient satisfaction rate and, therefore, the tools and equipment used must meet a high standard. Preventive products that are used on a regular basis in your office should offer the best opportunities for oral health and hygiene and delivering top-tier results when all is said and done.

About Preventive Products

From dental scaling to prophy paste, preventive products likely make up the bulk of your dental tools. Most commonly seen during dental cleanings, these products are integral to your office’s most common procedures and support your superior quality service. Comprehensive dental cleanings require a lot of effort and you likely use more tools than you realize to achieve a seamless, stress-free visit with your client. For example, disposable air water syringe tips might not be on the top of your mind when thinking about your dentistry toolkit, but they are essential to infection prevention. Radiation prevention accessories, sterilizing solutions, and other cleaning tools allow you to employ technology effectively while prioritizing patient health and safety.

What To Consider

To buy preventive products that fit your needs, you’ll need to assess what’s important to your practice. Taking stock of your current practice and identifying places for improvement will help you make better investments in preventive products moving forward. For example, have you had complaints from clients regarding the taste of the prophy paste after using it? Are your sterilization pouches large enough or do you find yourself using several at a time? These seemingly small inconveniences can chip away at client satisfaction and your patience as a professional, so choosing from the broad array of excellent Dentsply Sirona preventive products for your office can make a big difference in your dental practice overall.

The Dentsply Sirona Difference

It is our mission to support and empower our partners to create the dental practice of their dreams, and part of that mission includes supplying you with top-of-the-line equipment. We offer a wide variety of preventive products that suit the unique needs of your practice and your patients so you can focus on providing the kind of care that will have clients coming back again and again. With trusted brands like Nupro, Rinn, and Cavitron, you can buy preventive products that are guaranteed to support you and give your clients the healthy, happy smile they’re looking for.