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Parts of an Implant

There are three main parts of a dental implant – fixture, abutment, and prosthesis. The design behind these components can impact tissue health and bone growth, which influences the stability and durability of the restoration. Dentsply Sirona offers a variety of implant products and solutions to make sure your restoration achieves optimal results for every indication.

The fixture, or implant post, is a hollow post surgically placed below the gumline and directly into the jawbone. Typically made of titanium, the implant post may taper toward the end like a tooth’s natural root. The shape, texture, and threading of the fixture can help stimulate positive bone response and support overlaying soft tissue. Systems include various angles and lengths to achieve the right esthetic emergence. 

An abutment is the extender that connects the fixture to the prosthesis. The design can be separate from the fixture or a single integrated unit, depending on the restoration treatment plan. The transition between the fixture and the abutment can increase tissue stability at the implant shoulder, reduce micro-movements, and prevent bacterial ingrowth. Abutment selection is an essential part of your restoration treatment plan that can promote healing and life-long function.   

For a patient-specific solution, Dentsply Sirona Implants offers innovative services such as Azento and Atlantis that manufacture custom abutments. Available retention options include cement, single-tooth screw or conometric friction to achieve the right connection for your preferred implant system. These digital solutions can improve workflow, while helping you achieve predictable, high quality results.

The prosthesis is the part of the implant that looks and function like a real tooth. They come in a variety of materials, including ceramic and porcelain. The prosthesis can also be screwed into place or cemented on the abutment, according to the restoration treatment plan.

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