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With Azento, practices reduce their workflow process to scanning, confirming the treatment plan and performing the implant procedure - saving you valuable time.

Azento from Dentsply Sirona

Each patient receives a precise, custom treatment plan recommendation based on their CBCT and intraoral scanning images. The planning service contains both a surgical and restorative plan.


Why choose Azento?

Fewer workflow steps

Saves time and money by reducing the practice workflow steps for implant procedures

Predictable results

Azento provides a precise custom treatment plan. Enabling practices to perform consistently excellent results

Customized processes

Process can be customized to accommodate practice preferences for outside lab and/or chairside milling

Cost effective

Eliminates the need for costly implant, instrument, and materials inventory

Time saving

Azento shortens the treatment process to only 3 major steps – scan, approve, treat – saving valuable time for both the specialist and referring dentist and reducing the number of patient visits and chair time

Work as a team

Azento makes it easier to work as a team with your referral network by making the case management and communication easy and effective

"Azento’s streamlined workflow offers tangible financial and time saving benefits by reducing the administrative burden, number of appointments and patient chair time. Most importantly, Azento reduces stress for both patient and clinician."

Daniel Butterman, Dental Centennial

Azento workflow- quick, simple and reliable

With Azento, practices reduce their workflow process to scanning, confirming the treatment plan and performing the implant procedure – saving you valuable time and eliminating the need for costly implant, instrument, and materials inventory.

Custom healing abutments and temporary restorations help bones and soft tissue heal quickly and create an optimal environment for the final restoration. Initial scan to implant times are under two weeks for most patients. Azento enables dentists to provide a one-day procedural delivery solution for patients

The flow you deserve

Take part of a digital solution that makes it easier for you and your treatment team to connect. Azento can use digital images and data from CEREC systems and most other digital dentistry platforms to deliver a custom patient solution. You easily order and manage your case via the intuitive order platform.

The Azento planning service will:

  • Merge the CBCT and intraoral scan data
  • Create a surgical and restorative plan
  • Return the plan to you within 24 hours for your review and approval

All you need in one delivery

Azento reduces the need for costly implant, instrument and materials inventory. You receive a fully guided surgical solution, including implant and custom healing abutment, sharp drills every time and only the drills you need for your specific case. With this streamlined workflow and fast turnaround time, we offer you the flow you deserve.

Getting started

Register an account at
Watch this instructional video to learn how to register an account and link with your Connect Case Center account.

Register an account at
Watch this instructional video to learn how to register an account and link with your Connect Case Center account.

Within one business day after submitting your order, you will receive a treatment plan to review. Watch the instructional playlist to learn how to use Case Viewer or Editor and approve the case. Your order will be shipped within 5 business days after approval.

Case Studies


Further downloads are provided within our Download Center.

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Azento Export Protocols

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The chart below details what is included in each order. 


 Custom healing

temporization procedure

 Digital planning

 Surgical and  restorative treatment



 Guided implant placement & 
customized healing 

Simplant SAFE guide
Case-specific drills and sleeves
Implant for case
Atlantis Healing Abutment




Atlantis Abutment
Atlantis Temporary Crown
Atlantis Core File




You can order both Astra Tech Implant System EV and Xive within Azento. 

  • A CT or 3D cone beam, for example Orthophos SL, is needed to provide information about the bone, teeth and other anatomical structures. 
  • Digital impression from an intraoral scanner, such as a CEREC Omnicam, for information about the remaining teeth and soft tissue. If you use a CEREC Omnicam, you can benefit from a direct contact with Sirona connect.

To get started with Azento you will need to purchase one of the start-up kit for the implant system of your choice. Please contact us for more information.

Within one business day the dentist will receive the Azento implant and restorative treatment proposal to view and approve. If changens are requested the design will be updated accordingly and the plan will be resubmitted to you for approval within an additional business day.

The Azento solution will be shipped within 5 business after you approve the plan.

The treatment proposal is planned by our experienced surgical and restorative design technicians located at Dentsply Sirona Implants North American facilities. 

Simply visit and click the “Register” link located in the upper right-hand menu on the header. Then, complete the short registration form, confirm your email address and log-in

to your new account. If you have an existing Atlantis WebOrder, Simplant or mySimplant account, there is no need to register for an Azento account.

The Azento solution is covered by:

  • Lifetime warranty for titanium Atlantis Abutment & Atlantis Crowns
  • Lifetime warranty for gold-shaded Atlantis Abutments
  • Lifetime warranty for implants 

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