Maintaining High Product Quality Standards

We regularly conduct checks to ensure that every Dentsply Sirona product is biosafe. An overview of how this is applied can be found in our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) housed in the Dentsply Sirona Download Center.

Our design control and product development procedures focus on the reuse of standard components. We conduct regular reviews and evaluations on material safety including component selection to ensure we both meet and exceed requirements set by regulatory standards such as the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHSD). We also follow Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (“WEEE”) that mandate waste and recycling practices when we need to dispose of our products.

Product Design and Product Process Improvements at Dentsply Sirona

As the world’s largest manufacturer of dental products and technologies, innovation sits at the heart of our operation as we are always looking to launch new products that drive dentistry forward while also increasing access to oral health. We are committed to delivering more digital solutions to drive sustainability within dentistry and have implemented return and trade up programs where select equipment is either refurbished and sold, or donated, to universities, educational organizations or other public institutions at discounted prices. When we cannot breathe new life into our products, the equipment is recycled or scrapped, in line with stringent regulations, by authorized, certified service providers.

Already since December 2020, we discontinued manufacturing and sales of amalgam filling materials, which contains mercury.

Refurbish, Recycle, Donate

As an innovative company, we launch new products or provide software upgrades to existing equipment on a periodic basis. Through our extended producer responsibility effort, we have return/trade-up programs for select equipment. Equipment returns are either refurbished and sold or donated to university or educational organizations, or other public institutions at discounted prices. In most cases, equipment is recycled or scrapped, in line with stringent regulations, by authorized, certified service providers.

Avoidance of Conflict Minerals

We work closely with our suppliers to monitor and avoid use of “conflict materials” in our products, and seek to comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing importing and exporting products and technology and making them available for sale. This includes production materials, finished goods, capital equipment, molds and tooling, samples and prototypes, repaired and returned products, and technical information.

We expect all our business partners to exercise due diligence to ensure that they adopt proper import/export-related policies, procedures, and controls within their organizations, including proper identification of external partners, locations, details of how they do business, source locations, countries of origin, and components of the products.

We expect our suppliers and distributors to follow all external laws as well as our internal policies when registering products to make them available for sale. Products may only be sold into countries and territories authorized by our commercial agreements.