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Discover the Balance of the Full SPECTRA

You’ll love the simplicity of the Ceram.x Spectra® ST composite family. It’s exactly what you need and nothing more.

The Ceram.x Spectra® ST composite family adapts to the way you want to work and provides the right balance of handling, viscosities and shades. 

The Ceram.x Spectra® ST composite family

The Ceram.x Spectra® ST composite family has you covered across all cavity classes, in both anterior and posterior restorations. 


The composite family that has it all

Simplified shade matching 

Become the ultimate matchmaker and save 14% of chair time2 with advanced blending capability known as the chameleon effect. One universal CLOUD™ shade is all you need for most cases.  

Your preferred handling 

Not all composites are created equal. Ceram.x Spectra® ST composites' proprietary SphereTEC® filler technology enables excellent adaptation and handling, with options that work the way you want. 

Natural looking restorations that last

Reliable durability and stain resistance mean you can trust Ceram.x Spectra® ST composites with your practice’s most valuable metric: happy patients. 


Technology to strike the perfect balance

The innovative Ceram.x Spectra® ST composite family offers dentists a more practical way to achieve longer-lasting results. Ceram.x Spectra® ST composites' unique design accommodates your technique and balances light absorption and scattering for a superior chameleon effect that blends in easily — and typically with no necessary adjustments. As a result, dentists can enjoy newfound convenience, reduce chair time and increase patient satisfaction. Finally, shade matching made easy.

SphereTEC® Filler Technology

Ceram.x Spectra® ST composites excel where it counts thanks to SphereTEC® Filler Technology.

Key performance advantages of Ceram.x Spectra® ST composites were made possible with SphereTEC® Filler Technology. The SphereTEC® fillers’ morphology, particle size distribution, and surface microstructure deliver the benefits that matter most to dentists.


Easy handling for efficient placement: The shape and size distribution of SphereTEC® fillers create a ball-bearing-like effect that enables excellent adaptation and sculptability. They bind more free resin than usual fillers to avoid stickiness.

Natural chameleon blending capability: SphereTEC® fillers are uniquely constructed to balance opacity, translucency, light absorption and scattering for a superior chameleon effect. Their microstructure enables a fast polish to a high gloss.

Durable results for happier patients and a profitable practice: High filler packing density, plus micro-mechanical locking of our resin and fillers, deliver strength and durability. Patients will also love the exceptional stain resistance, thanks to our resin-infiltrated, prepolymerized filler design.

Discover your preferred handling

74% of dentists complain about handling properties of composites, such as adaptability and stickiness.3

With SphereTEC® Filler Technology, Ceram.x Spectra® ST composites offers optimized handling in a creamy and spreadable low viscosity or a firm and packable high viscosity to accommodate your preference and technique.

  • Doesn’t stick to hand instrument 
  • Adapts easily to cavity surfaces
  • Easy to sculpt and shape 
  • Excellent slump resistance 
High Viscosity (HV) 

Firm + Packable

Low Viscosity (LV)

Creamy + Spreadable


Flows on Demand

Discover simplified shade matching

88% of dentists are stocking more than five VITA®¹ shades.4

You don't need to mix and match shades with Ceram.x Spectra® ST composites'  universal CLOUD™ shades -- one is all you need in most cases. From single-shade restorations to highly esthetic cases, you'll love the simplicity of Ceram.x Spectra® ST.

  • Five universal CLOUD™ shades cover the full VITA® range
  • Start with A2 shade for posterior and most common cases
  • Easier and faster shade selection with less inventory to maintain
  • Opaque dentin, translucent enamel, and bleach white shades are available when you need them

Test results

Trust the Ceram.x Spectra® ST composite family with your practice's most valuable metric: happy patients.

Esthetics and durability after 5 years with Ceram.x Spectra® ST composites


After 5 years

Source: Paul Drehmann, winner Global Clinical Case Contest 2017.  Photography: Dr. Britta Hahn (Tutor)

Competitor staining comparison

Competitor comparison after placement in red wine for 4 days.5 

Ceram.x Spectra® ST 

Before and after

Filtek Supreme Ultra6

Before and after

Tetric Prime7

Before and after

Competitor shade match evaluations

91% of Ceram.x Spectra® ST composite shade evaluations were scored as a match by 30 dental professionals.8

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Class II Approach

The Dentsply Sirona Class II Approach is designed to increase efficiency and predictability for more consistent, successful clinical outcomes.

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