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Why choose Algin•X Ultra?

Matrix Tips for Improved Provisional Removal and Fit

Algin•X Ultra material allows for more procedure flexibility over traditional alginates due to its ability to be shaped and adjusted, keeping your carefully designed matrix as a permanent record. Removing interproximal contacts, building cusps, and more help ensure optimal form and function, allowing your provisional to truly be a first glimpse of your final restoration.

Easy Auto Mixing for Ensured Accuracy with Less Mess

Your time is important. Saving time in meaningful ways helps increase production and both employee and patient satisfaction. Algin•X Ultra material is available in a convenient auto-mix delivery system that eliminates the need for hand-mixing impression materials and cleaning up the mess afterward.

Detail and Stability

Algin•X Ultra material is designed to reliably deliver optimal preliminary impressions that remain accurate 14 days after taken. Short- and long-term dimensional stability help you deliver your best during visit one and save you time in cases where repairs or remakes are necessary.

Tips for Success

Always start with bleeding the cartridge and applying tray adhesive

Don’t dispense too much

Verify proper maximum intercuspation

Bur out holes on the buccal and lingual surfaces of the preliminary matrix to ensure easy removal of provisional from the mouth

Take your impression with a dual arch impression tray like First Bite® disposable trays to ensure the patient is in occlusion, reducing checking and correcting time

Keep the impression on file as a safety measure in case the patient breaks or loses their provisional

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